Israel recalls jets from bombing isis camps to send truck drivers instead- By Ajit Chak

By Ajit Chak: This is fake news. The recent attack by the ISIS has provoked the state of Israel to openly take up arms against the ISIS and declare war on the rogue terrorist state. Informed sources state that Israel has called back the Israli Jets which were on way to bombard the ISIS strongholds and has begun to recruit truck drivers instead.

The decision was taken at a high-level meeting between the Mossad and the army chief in which several senior politicians in positions of power were also present. While it seems the details are not being released to the press sources present at the meeting stated that the name Obama was repeated several times during the meeting. The Israeli Mossad chief has gone on record to state that this attack is like ISIS committing a Pearl Harbour and the Israeli response will be like Hiroshima and Nagasaki for the ISIS.

Sources at the meeting stated that it had been left to Israel to guide the world on how to deal with terrorism and it was in the latter part of the 20th Century that the world was shown by Israeli commandos on how to deal with Hijackings. At Entebbe an Israeli Commando unit had killed hijackers in a never before operation and liberated the hostages and freed the plane.

We will now have to show America and Russia how to deal with ISIS too and the answer does not lie in a high cost operation but in inflicting collateral damage Israeli government sources have been known to have said while giving directions to okay the MossadÔÇÖs plan to recruit truck drivers.

If Jihad is being waged against us we shall take Jihad to them and let them have a taste of their own medicine. Over a hundred trucks will drive into unsuspecting crowds in crowded markets in their territory forcing them to rethink terror options, the senior Mossad official was allegedly heard saying.

Sounds good but this is where the story ends and the real thing actually begins. The difference between any other nation and Israel is that it will not stop till it finds those responsible for the death of its citizens and hunts them down like animals, which is exactly what they deserve.

Several Nazis fled to South America and hid themselves in the cities there thinking the past was behind them and their crimes against the Jews would never catch up with them. But the new generation of Israelis were not to be deterred.  The Nazi war criminals who had killed and gassed and tortured hundreds and thousands of Jews were tracked down one by one and their crimes finally caught up with them. They were not shot or killed on the spot they were brought back to Israel to face justice from the nation they had wronged.

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour and watched the USS Arizona sink, the Japanese Admiral was told he had achieved a great military victory. Many Americans had been killed and the naval might of the USA had been demolished.

However he chose to view Pearl Harbour differently. I fear he said, we have awakened a sleeping giant and the result of the attack on Pearl Harbour was the overt and direct entry of the USA in the war.

The new adversary overwhelmed both the Germans and the Japanese as he industrially out produced them in guns ammo and fuel. The Americans also introduced a new level of technology in the war which outclassed the Germans and made it impossible for them to deploy mechanised warfare on the ground.

American dive bombers took the sting out of the German counteroffensive destroying their troop convoys even before they could reach the front and added a new chapter to story of Blitzkrieg or lightening war.

Not only did the US carry out a symbolic raid on Tokyo to avenge Pearl Harbour, maybe it was the memory of Pearl Harbour that led to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The ISIS has therefore unfettered the hands of Israel and it will regret doing so.



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