If China wins its war against the USA, the world Loses

By Kal K Korff

The two largest economies in the world, by far, are now officially at war. Instead of missiles flying, trade tariffs and other forms of economic weaponry are being used. Do not be fooled, Communist China is also preparing for military conflict with the USA. Should China win, the rest of the world loses. The time to stop China is now, or prepare for defeat.

Daily World has always consistently reported on the grim reality of how Communist China is in fact the greatest threat to global peace and stability in the world today. Put another way, the world’s greatest threat geopolitically, socially, economically, militarily, ideologically, religiously, etc., is not the scourge of terrorism contrary to what most people think. Instead, it is a single nation — Communist China.

If this view seems harsh or “NeoCon,” right wing or “conservative” or even “racist” in the views of la la leftwing liberals, advocates of globalism, self-proclaimed “progressives” and Democrats, the facts exposed here cannot be denied. As a longtime analyst reporting on China, let’s easily unmask and destroy any doubts about the threat that China poses to the future of the human race if its present actions are not stopped.

This is not alarmist, ‘warmonger’ rhetoric. The best evidence proving all this [and lots more] comes directly from the Communist Chinese themselves. Let’s expose it.

“Communist” China
To understand how and why today’s crisis with China has reached this point, one needs to briefly review what major prior events took place. The short version is this: During the Cold War decades against the former Russian created Communist Soviet Union (USSR), American President Richard Nixon worked with his then Secretary of State, Dr. Henry Kissinger, to make a point to not only start detente and begin sincere nuclear arms reductions talks with the Russians; but to use as leverage against them, he also courted the Communist Chinese.

When Nixon made his historic trip to China to meet its Communist revolutionary leader, Chairman Mao, a man who holds history’s most infamous record for being the greatest mass murderer in the history of the human race, killing as much as 100 million people, none of this mattered to Nixon.

His thinking instead was that if China could be “engaged properly,” that it could be a rival to be pitted against Russia, and that if the economy of China was increasingly integrated with the economics of the west, the likely result would be a decrease in the chances of war ever taking place between the USA and China, since China would have much to lose and would never destroy its own interests.

While one can argue that it was Nixon and Kissinger who first paved the way for what later ended up being trillions of dollars of outsourcing to China by western companies, creating a massive shift of wealth redistribution from the west to Asia, it was Democrat Bill Clinton who set the USA on course with inevitable conflict against China.

Bill Clinton, like his Vice-President, Al Gore, are global elitists. They not only believe in globalism, Clinton’s policies and actions insured it was inevitable. Acting unilaterally, he signed on his own, a Presidential Executive Order dropping just enough restrictions on China so that it was then free to start its grand plans to conquer the world. To believe for one minute that Chinese leaders did not understand what they were now allowed to get away with, would be incredibly stupid.

Prior to Clinton signing his EO, China was being held back economically from global economic integration because of its terrible human rights record, unfair trading practices, stealing of intellectual property, the brutality of its dictatorship, etc.

Now none of this mattered, Clinton would champion China becoming a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). These are the breaks China needed, human rights and spreading democracy in the country were no longer a concern.

At the United Nations level, China also had its rubber stamp backers. Maurice Strong, the UN’s corrupt Under-Secretary General not only had real estate holdings in China, he was a Marxist sympathizer. His cousin knew Chairman Mao, Strong worked with individuals like Al Gore to further the shift of economic might to Asia. Strong and Gore also worked on the issue of ‘global warming’ or climate change, which was then additionally used as a means to pump more money into China, in exchange for Chinese promises to clean up the environment.

Fast forward now to the present, and all of these decades later, China is the world’s second largest economy, has the world’s largest population, now imports half of some of the world’s vital resources; is America’s largest trading ‘partner’ but by Chinese one-sided terms — the trade deficit with China that the USA has stands at around some $500 billion. Trump has an issue with this fact, as any American, especially its President, should have.

So what has China been largely doing with its mega wealth since Clinton with his EO essentially opened its floodgates? Here’s the brutal answer the world is ignoring at its own peril.

China’s Holy Trinity

Everything today’s Communist China is busy doing and deliberately not doing is subservient to three major programs it is imposing on the world: 2020 Plan, Made in China 2025 and 2050 Plan.

As I have frequently reported, China’s 2020 Plan calls for the conquest of the island nation of Taiwan. The world knows about this operation, its existence was exposed when actual classified documents from the Chinese government were leaked to the media years ago, yet how many people worry over this issue today? The answer is shamefully, not enough.

According to China’s 2020 Plan, at least 16 different locations on the island nation of Taiwan will be invaded in a rapidly paced, massive naval assault, supported by firing 1,000 missiles against Taiwan to first ‘soften up’ its defenses and destroy facilities; then China plans to use its air force and navy, combined with submarines, to set up a ‘no go zone’ to bide time so that American, Japanese and other forces cannot respond fast enough. Should they try, China’s construction of new artificial islands and its now having militarized them, gives it additional firepower. Any military conflict would necessitate the USA and its allies destroying the military assets on these islands immediately while striking other areas simultaneously.

To be clear, while China would rather take Taiwan peacefully if possible, it is not bluffing when it says it will use military force if necessary to achieve this goal. Thanks to the trillions China has made over decades by becoming an economic powerhouse thanks to outsourcing to it from the west, China has been using this infusion of wealth to upgrade its military and everything that is necessary to achieve these three plans.

Assuming China delays invading Taiwan in 2020 and puts it off a few more years, its Made in China 2025 program is of even more concern to American officials and others who genuinely understand the true nature of Communist China. This is because this plan calls for China to become largely self-sufficient and a world leader in key dual use technology platforms such as making microprocessors, weaponry, electronics, etc. China’s goal is to be able to essentially ‘hold its own’ against vital technology areas versus their western counterparts, who would be a foe they would face in any military conflict.

Take the American made Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) or F-35 as an example. This single aircraft and its variants is being used across all of the American military forces, “one plane fits all” per se. The USA has also given it to Israel, who has made its own custom modifications, and it will be used by other allies such as NATO countries.

In any war with China, F-35s can destroy Chinese military assets at will. China needs a deterrent, so instead of inventing one of their own, they simply used computers to hack into and steal enough of the key engineering blueprints for this game changing weapon, they have now been flying their first JSF knock-offs in combat exercises. While they are still inferior to the USA’s JSF, these new Chinese clones are just ‘good enough’ to pose a critical threat.

As part of China’s plans to become a world leader in key technology areas so it is no longer dependent on outsiders, it has been gobbling up strategic and vital minerals and elements in Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan and wherever it deems necessary. China needs to make its Made in China 2025 program work because its “Big Prize” is the defeat of the USA in any military conflict, or at least being able to hold its own without going nuclear, as well as replacing America as the world’s number one economic power.

Newly leaked secret documents from the Chinese government specifically call for such things as, “As we open up and expand our national interests beyond borders, we desperately need a comprehensive protection of our own security around the globe.” It also adds that to, “more effectively create a situation, manage a crisis, contain a conflict, win a war, defend the expansion of our country’s strategic interests in an all-round fashion and realise

the goals set by the party and Chairman Xi.”

This is a key admission, for it is Communist China’s smiling dictator, Chairman Xi Jinping, who is the key architect and ‘genius’ behind driving China towards becoming the world’s only superpower and subduing economically as many nations as possible, using military force as well such as against smaller countries like Vietnam.

Decision Time

This is where the USA and the rest of the self-proclaimed “civilized world” will now and in the near future, make a key, critical series of decisions. What kind of world do you want to live in? What kind of world do you want to leave for your children?

It is the responsibility of all generations to work hard and do their best to insure that their successor generations, have and live a better life than their predecessors did. Each day, we must all work to push the human race forwards, help democracy and genuine freedoms continue to spread across this world. For the survival of the human race, these events must happen and have happened before.

Look at how the Cold War ended in Europe? Russia was the other world superpower nation besides American during those decades. Each side had tens of thousands of nuclear weapons, they could destroy the entire planet several times over.

Yet as the dominoes of Communism fell literally each month across central and eastern Europe, where today these same nations are now free and genuine democracies, members of not only the European Union but also NATO, humanity made a decision to opt for freedom, not tyranny. After the USSR ceased to exist and Russia became the Russian Federation, thousands of nuclear weapons were safely retrieved, retired or destroyed, they never fell into the hands of terrorists who were then able to detonate them in cities. This success was because the USA worked in secret with Russia and other nations to help insure that the world’s deadliest weapons never fell into the wrong hands.

Humanity came together, this is the lesson here. And it must now do so again regarding China, for China’s present plans now well underway must be stopped.

China’s bogus claims of territory in the South China Sea were dismissed by the United Nations. Yet China ignores the will of the UN. If action were taken by the UN Security Council, China would just veto it anyway, rendering the point moot.

Xi Jinping has told American President Donald Trump he will never give up on the issue of these artificial islands, nor Taiwan, nor allow the USA to invade and oust the leadership of North Korea. If China is not stopped or contained in Asia, its belligerence and hegemony will spread globally.

If China were to become the world’s strongest economy and military by any significant means, it could force other countries (like it already does) to further surrender their intellectual property if they want to do business, get boycotted if they refuse to tow the official line of the Community Party. China is even now enforcing a new draconian Social Credits system. Depending on your behavior, what you watch on TV and the Internet, which is censored in China, how much time you spend doing whatever, are all noted and given a score. If you spend too much time playing video games, you get punished. Get enough marks against you and you are not allowed to travel on busses, trains, nor planes. No loans or jobs will be given to you. Friends who try to help you will also be penalized. Ask yourself this question: Is this the kind of ‘beast’ you want to help feed, give money and resources to, do business with, when it’s going to take your money and technology and destroy you?

Understanding Nothing

If you believe the tripe by Trump haters on social media, the world is now ending per se. It’s ridiculous. While no one wants nor likes a trade war, whenever war is justified, it must be fought or the consequences become even worse. For the issue isn’t merely sanctions, it is also very much about the larger issue of helping China continue to get away with unfair trade practices and then use its ill gotten gains (such as when it deliberately flooded the market with cheap solar panels, selling them even at a loss to drive out competitors, today China dominates the solar panel market) to build up its military, seize territory and eventually conquer the world where it all ultimately matters: economically and socially?

In retaliation for these sanctions imposed now on some 500 Chinese made goods, China is imposing sanctions that will negatively impact the geographic areas of Trump’s political base. China is trying to largely spare California where possible for example, because they don’t support Trump, while it is making a point to harm the heartland of America, especially farmers, Most of these people voted for Trump. So the trade war now is not only underway, it is personal between Xi Jinping and Donald Trump.

What’s The Answer?

The answer is simple, but costly. China must be stopped now before they will be too big to stop. If western companies instead made their goods in India and other competing nations, this would force the Chinese military machine to grind to a halt. India has a Make In India program. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work fast enough, and when it does work, there is still too much stupid red tape and needless bureaucracy and corruption where it concerns the issuance of business permits, inspection certificates, etc. The world needs a viable alternative to “Made In China,” for if it fails, China and the brutal system it stands for, will ultimately win.

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