Here is real reason why BSF and CRPF Jawans are appealing to Modi- By Ajit Chak

By Ajit Chak: The very fact that two jawans in two different wings of the security establishment of the nation have appealed to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to intervene in matters regarding the quality of life the men in the forces live, speaks volumes of the belief these men have in Modi. It also speaks volumes of the national appeal that Modi has for the masses.

Modi is seen as the man who will sort out everything, the man who will take big decisions and the man who has already taken a big decision like demonetisation to curb black money and crack down on the corrupt.

Had Modi and Arun Jaitley not gone ahead with demonetisation, these jawans from the BSF or the CRPF would never have been able to appeal to him, but now they see in him a reformer, even if this is a side effect of demonetisation.

The step taken by the MP from Lucknow Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh who is still remembered for his neat and clean administration as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, is also laudable and he has launched an enquiry into the complaint of the Jawan regarding the quality of food. However there are other issues too.

For one, Jawans in the Army retire at the age of 35. Why can they be absorbed in the police force automatically where jawans retire after 50? For this new rules and laws need to be put in place. The archaic system of having a small quota for servicemen who have to undergo a test should be abolished and replaced with a procedure for automatic transfer.

Then take the case of food for the forces. The quality of food dished out should be the best as the men are required to be fighting fit under all circumstances. As far as leave and recreation is concerned it will boost the morale of the men if they are given more and not less facilities.

Until we respect the man who wears a uniform and carries a gun to protect the nation and rides point on the frontier, we shall never be able to look them in the eye and as for Modi he now has an image to live up to. Can he destroy his own popularity by disappointing the men who believe in him?





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