Haryana to set targets meeting for water storage


Under the Jal Shakti Abhiyan being implemented in Haryana for water conservation, the targets will be set in a planned manner for water storage, expansion of green area and awareness campaign in the cities across the state. While, responsibility of the officers will be fixed at each municipal level for achieving the set goals, the monitoring team will work for the smooth operation of the entire process.

While presiding over meeting with the officers of the Department, Urban Local Bodies Minister, Kavita Jain issued directions to take necessary steps in the urban areas of the state under the Jal Shakti Abhiyan.

Fixing targets for the level of Municipal Corporations, Municipal Councils and Municipalities for the months of July, August, September every year, she directed to work fast for their implementation. Directions were issued to spread awareness from educational institutions to public places regarding why it is necessary to conserve water and why it should be done. She said that rainwater harvesting arrangements should be made in government buildings, public buildings, commercial-industrial buildings in the cities and where the structure of rain water harvesting is nonoperational, its smooth operation should be ensured.

She also directed to remove encroachments on priority basis from reservoirs, ponds and lakes, and ensure digging of reservoirs by stopping the fall of dirty water in them. She said that for this, it should be it should be started in 18 cities of the state under AMRUT scheme and in other cities, by preparing departmental action plan. The cooperation of the nearby residents or organizations should be ensured in the restoration of the reservoir so that they could be made aware of water conservation.

Jain said that all the parks and green belt areas should be prepared in greater number. She also directed to use the wastewater of RO and the treated water in the sewerage treatment plant should be used for horticulture as well as in the industries. She directed to monitor the Jal Shakti Abhiyan every week and submit progress report to her on Tuesday.


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