Haryana has become a Crime Hub under BJP Rule: Surjewala

DW BUREAU / Chandigarh

Senior Congress leader and Communication Incharge of Indian National Congress, Randeep Singh Surjewala on Sunday lambasted the Haryana Government for the ‘total collapse of law and order in the state’.

In a statement issued here, Surjewala said that the latest National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) report released by the Government of India has exposed the complete failure of state government to control crime. “The incompetence of state government has led the state of Haryana to the dubious distinction of a crime hub as there has been a spurt in heinous crimes during the BJP rule. The people are suffering but the BJP leadership is not bothered about their problems”, he added.

Flaying the increase in the crime rate in 2016, where the Haryana state got third rank among the states of the country, Surjewala said that Haryana reported 320.6 cases per 1 lakh of population and these are higher than the crime rates in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Crime is increasing for third consecutive year in a row. Haryana, which has always been a peace loving state, reported 79,947, 84,466 and 88,527 cases of crimes under various sections of the Indian Penal Code in years 2014, 2015 and 2016 respectively, he added.

Referring to increasing cases of murders; rapes; gang rapes; Kidnapping & abductions, Mr Surjewala said that the state reported 1090 murder; 1189 rape; 191 gang rape; 4,019 kidnapping and abduction victims in the year 2016, which comes to about three murders; three rapes and 11 kidnapping and abduction incidents on an average day. Its appalling to note that NCRB has recorded 3,795 unrecovered kidnapping and abduction victims, who remained uncovered till December 31, 2016. In murders and kidnapping & abduction incidents, the crime rate of Haryana is third highest in the country, while it was shamefully highest in gang rapes, he further added.

Surjewala said that common man is feeling unsafe about his life or property, as the state reported 21,741 theft cases; 15,634 auto theft cases; 320 extortion cases; 734 robbery cases; 178 dacoity and 1070 arson cases in 2016.

The shocking figures tell the sad story of law and order in Haryana, he further added. Surjewala said that Haryana was always known for its clean record in maintaining social harmony but the poor policing and misplaced priorities led to the worst performance of Haryana in communal rioting. The state got ranked at the top in the country with 250 communal rioting cases and 2844 rioting incidents were registered in 2016.


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