How to get solar going

By Ajit Chak: Latest studies show that Solar Power is failing to take off despite the subsidies and schemes offered to many householders to take on roof top panels and use them to produce clean electricity. The biggest reason for solar power to fail is that it is only confined to the sector of producing domestic electricity which is relatively cheap compared to commercial electricity in some states where there are surcharges and there are fixed demand charges and others which make power frightfully expensive.

Therefore establishments which use heavy power loads like centralised air conditioners do not connect them to the Power CorporationÔÇÖs supply but prefer to connect them to a diesel genset instead. In power deficient states like Uttar Pradesh where solar power could be a boon for small cities where power comes for only eight hours a day there too solar power is not as successful as it was hoped it would be. It is only rich farmers who install solar panels and have solar power in mind when it comes to the issue of electricity. By recognising that there is a need to use solar power for commercial use the concept can change as most business houses dread taking heavy load connections as they fear that a minimum load charge in the off season will deprive them of a huge chunk of their profits. So owners of marriage halls, banquet halls and so on prefer to take a temporary load for the day. If the subsidy and the benefits that are being given to solar power users for domestic use are passed on to power consumers who use electricity for commercial use then it shall make the whole process viable. It is indeed a pity that solar energy which has tremendous potential in states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar is not being put to full use.


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