From Fodder to properties

By Ajit Chak: Laloo Prasad Yadav and his daughter Misa Bharti are in the centre of a storm today where the ED and the IT authorities are having to work overtime to find out exactly what properties the Yadav family owns in Delhi and Patna and what properties they have accumulated and through what means. Most politicians and their relatives tend to forget that a crime is not time barred in India and that when a crime is taken cognizance of by the state the Union of India has no option but to launch prosecution and take the matter to its logical end which could mean anything from a penalty to a jail term for the accused depending on the law under which he is prosecuted.

The politicians feel that when they are in power they can delay the process or postpone the process of their misdeeds from being recognised by the state machinery as the executive has become subservient to its political masters of late. But the beauty of Indian democracy is such that the dispensation changes hands and the new powers that be can find it convenient to launch a prosecution. The linking of properties with Aadhar and Pan Card have made it such that an individual cannot hide his properties from the government any longer. It is therefore only a matter of time that the law will eventually catch up with all those who have illegally amassed properties in the nation.

Political persons being what they are like to remain one step ahead of the law too. Of late it is rumoured that politicians and their sons and daughters and daughter in laws and so on are investing their ill gotten money in other nations to escape the tax net whether it is Australia or Hungary or Europe or New Zealand or Singapore or so on. Their greed for money is defrauding the Indian tax payer and impoverishing the Indian state as they create assets for themselves abroad. The government of India has to crackdown on these politicians too and while the Narendra Modi government is very active in Bihar it needs to be active in UP too and take a look at what the previous dispensation did.


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