Expressway and the UP Police

By Ajit Chak:┬áIt was a few years ago that a boy sitting in Lucknow the state capital of Uttar Pradesh got a phone call from his friendÔÇÖs I Phone in Chandigarh as it was the last dialled number from that phone.
A sub-inspector of the Punjab police was speaking on the phone. He informed the boy with deep regret that his friend had died in a motorcycle accident and that the wallet containing a few thousand rupees, his I Phone and personal assets and the body were in his custody and he should inform the next of kin and come to Mohali at once.
The relatives of the boy till this date maintain that in case their son had died in Uttar Pradesh they would never have recovered the wallet or the I phone. They would also have come to know of their sonÔÇÖs untimely demise weeks after he had died.
Today the Uttar Pradesh police is in the news again. A TV Channel has shown illegal horse racing taking place of all places on the Yamuna Expressway. As it is the Taj Expressway is a disaster in Uttar Pradesh with dogs and bluebulls crashing into cars and leading to major accidents on the highways. There is virtually no police patrolling and gangrapes and dacoities are taking place on the road from Agra to Lucknow. There is no petrol pump for more than 312 km at a stretch and there is no refreshment available either.
The bizarre photographs of horses racing on the Noida Expressway show the laxity of the Uttar Pradesh police where recruitments carried out under the last two governments have raised several questions in the media.
Maybe it is high time the Uttar Pradesh Government admits that the UP Police cannot do the job it is meant to do and outsource policing to the state of Punjab which has produced several fine police officers who today have very few parallels in the entire nation.
If given the task of restoring law and order in Uttar Pradesh the Punjab Police will any day to a better job than the present system which has completely collapsed in the state which sends almost 80 MPs to Parliament and where there are almost 30 crore people who live and work everyday under a government which cannot safeguard their existence.


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