From United States to the ‘Intolerant’ States of America

The latest hate crime in the United States, the shooting of an innocent techie from Hyderabad shows that the US society has not only become extremely ignorant but also hopelessly confused on several issues, including racial intolerance. Is America moving towards becoming an intolerant society? By Kal K Korff “What is an American?” Ask yourself […]

Intel agencies give Cong an edge, public favours AAP- By Manish Tiwari

  The surveys by television channels, intelligence agencies, poll pundits and the satta market have only ended up confounding the confusion among the masses. By Manish Tiwari: Predictions go with polls as speculation goes with the stock market. What they share in common is an element of uncertainty and reactions, ranging from reticence and reconciliation to […]

As Only India Can: Rocket Launches 104 Satellites, Sets New Record

By Kal K Korff India broke another record where it concerns sending objects up into outer space. This time, it launched 104 satellites, ranging from conventional sized ones to small nano satellites. This accomplishment, by all credible standards of aerospace aviation feats, is a real game changer and truly historic. Having achieved this milestone, there […]

Doubling Income of the Farmers: A Dissonant Promise – By Suresh Kumar

The govt promises are lofty, but the real deliverables fall far short of what is needed to make them come true for the farmers in India, writes Suresh Kumar Contract farming can succeed only if the contractors, who are largely the corporates, approach the farmers with some credible options. The Union Budget 2017-18 re-emphasizes the […]

City Beautiful gears up for Daily World Marathon on April 9

The city beautiful is gearing up in a major way for holding its first international level chip-timed full Marathon Run on April 9 th . The mega event is being organised by Daily World Newspaper in close association with the Chandigarh Administration in support of Digital India as also for the conservation of the Environment. His […]

Parking in Sector 17 a nightmare

No one cares, not enough to do anything about it, which again is India’s core problem. By Kal K Korff: Like so many problems India continues to struggle with, the chronic and inexcusable parking problems at Sector 17 are wholly self-inflicted. Obviously, the administration doesn’t really care about this issue, despite constant complaints from rent […]