Encroachments in AmritsarÔÇÖs Jallianwala Bagh as ASI remains uninformed

Ajit Chak (DW) Amritsar :

The historic Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar where thousands of tourists flock everyday is today being encroached upon by the airconditioners and other devices of local residents, showrooms and other establishments.

The Archaelogical Survey of India which should take cognizance of this matter is either unaware or has not bothered to act upon the matter as the residents too who come here everyday seem unaware that they are doing something wrong.

The boundary wall of the park has several establishments situated right next to it and their windows, air conditioners and even their parapets open into the park area.

Delhi based civil lawyer Rohit Sthalekar says that this is wrong and the owners of the airconditioners cannot do this as this amounts to an encroachment on the public land of the park.

Sources say that the shopkeepers and residents of the area cannot even open their windows or do any new construction in the vicinity of the park. However the scene outside the park is very different.

The road outside leads to the world famous Golden Temple and several commercial establishments have come up here to cater to the tourists who come here in lakhs and thousands every month. This is a major market for food and souvenirs to the public. There are several showrooms in the vicinity too including a fastfood shop and several others.

Captain Sarabjit Singh Makkar the Organising Secretary of the Uttar Pradesh Congress says that the ASI should take steps to stop this encroachment immediately as a small encroachment will later lead to more violations.

ÔÇ£I will take up the matter with the ASI if the Daily World newspaper is kind enough to provide me the details,ÔÇØ he adds.

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