Dist Admin to start Panghura Ghar in Khanna soon

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DW Bureau/Ludhiana

To save the lives of new born babies thrown out by their parents after birth, Deputy Commissioner Ravi Bhagat has stated that the District Administration would soon start a “Panghura Ghar” in Khanna town of the district. The land for setting up of this Panghura Ghar (cradle scheme) has been identified and it would soon come up in the town. The DC said this while holding a meeting of officials at his office, on Tuesday.

In Ludhiana, the District Red Cross Society started the one and only “Panghura Ghar” in Sarabha Nagar area on March 25, 2010. Till date, the Society has taken the initiative to protect such babies, receiving them in Panghura Ghar, and further delivering them to government recognised adoption centre ÔÇ£Swami Ganga Giri Bhuri Wale International Foundation DhamÔÇØ at Talwandi Khurd, Ludhiana for further adoption by needy parents. Since the inception of Panghura Ghar in Ludhiana, the Society has received 15 babies (10 female and 5 male) in Panghura Ghar and all have been sent to the above recognised centre.

Deputy Commissioner Ravi Bhagat said that in Khanna, a piece of land at Old Age Home has been identified and the concerned officials have been asked to make necessary arrangements. He said the Panghura Ghar in Ludhiana city continues to offer help and hope of a better life to abandoned infants, and expose how when a girl is born, patriarchal society goes cribbing.

The cradle has curbed incidents such as the dumping of newborns either in trash cans or on roadsides, to quite an extent, and the children can get better life, if prosperous families adopt them. He said this scheme has come as providential support for parents who are unable to bring up children on their own.

Today’s meeting was attended by Shaukat Ahmed Pare, SDM (Khanna), Kuldeep Singh Mann and Dr Rajinder Singh, both from Swami Ganga Giri Bhuri Wale International Foundation Dham, besides several others.

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