Diplomacy and Trump- By Ajit Chak

By Ajit Chak: The world has suddenly begun to dread its own military might as it took less than a President of one nation yelling at a Prime Minister of another nation on phone to start a war in the 19th and 20th Century. It took a telegram from Elms to start a war once and in another case a king’s decision to cut off the ears of a peasant cost him his throne. That was Oliver Cromwell and the beginning of democracy and parliament in the world.

The people of the United States of America have elected a President who may end up one day creating more than just a diplomatic disaster. America is opening its doors to several issues at the same time. Whether it is the question of bans on immigration, of visas for Indian techies, the United States has virtually declared a war on several fronts on issues that were hanging fire for the last 8 years.

Trump is the product of this democracy which is today seeing students rioting in Berkeley University in California, where several students from Asian countries study. Today Trump is also facing a problem created by this great democracy and market place of opportunities. Thousands of Indians, Asians, Mexicans, Latinos, Chinese and Japanese who came here to seek opportunities have over the generations become more American than the original white settlers who came from England and Ireland. Trump has to wait and take a breath and then see how to tackle the situation. He also has support from the least likely of all quarters, Abu Dhabi where the FM has said that his ban order is not anti-Muslim and from Kuwait which has imposed a ban of several countries including Pakistan. In his desire to rush things through Donald Trump has revealed the impatience of a businessman whereas his predecessors had the wit and canny intelligence of legal professionals who knew what it was to be politically right.

Obama did more damage to the Muslim world and the Muslim cause than any other president of the United States yet he has remained politically correct. Trump by beating his own trumpet may unnecessarily incur their wrath. The businessman in Trump has to sit down now and wait for the politician and the diplomat in him to emerge from the shadows.


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