Denotification of Dadupur Nalvi canal project is grave injustice to farmers : Surjewala

DW BUREAU / chandigarh

Condemning the denotification of Dadupur Nalvi Canal project, Congress communications In-charge Randeep Singh Surjewala has described the state government’s move as the ‘grave injustice and deception with farmers’ of the Northern Haryana.

In a statement here on Monday, Mr Surjewala said that this wrong decision of the Khattar government has dealt multiple blows to the farmers. “On the one side, the farmers have not been paid the compensation for their land as per the Court decision, and at the same time the farmers would have to pay back the received compensation along with the interest for the ‘Tughlaqi Farmaan,” he said .

The Congress leader said that the decision has once again proved the anti farmers attitude of the BJP government.

He said that Dadupur Nalvi project is an absolute necessity not only for the Northern Haryana, but, for the entire region. But, the Khattar government has scrapped the farmer friendly project instead of paying due compensation to the affected farmers, he added.

He said that there is wide spread resentment among the farmers against this wrong decision of the government, and the BJP would have to pay a heavy price for this decision in the ensuing elections. Congress will extend its complete support to the cause of farmers on all fronts in their fight for justice, he reiterated.

Calling the Dadupur Nalvi project as the ‘life line of the northern Haryana’, Mr Surjewala said that this anti-people decision of the government would deprive the one lakh hectare land in 225 villages of Ambala, Yamunanagar and Kurukshetra districts of essential irrigation resources.

He reminded that the Dadupur Nalvi canal project was launched by the then Congress Government in 1985. In 2005, the Congress government re- launched the project by acquired 1,019 acres of land to supply canal water to farmers and to revive the depleting ground water level. The government paid Rs 200 crores to the farmers as compensation for the land acquisition. “In addition to this, the Irrigation department incurred an additional expenditure of Rs 111 crore and 17 lakhs for the construction of canals and the PWD department spent around Rs 100 crores for laying of roads. With the scrapping of this project, this huge investment of public’s hard earned money will go down the drain,” he added.


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