Delay in GST has exposed anti-poor mindset of Modi govt: Jakhar

DW BUREAU / Chandigarh

Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President and MP from Gurdaspur Sunil Jakhar on Sunday said the Modi government is pressurising the non BJP-ruled states governments by delaying release of GST share to states and with misusing ED and CBI.

In a statement issued here, Jakhar said instead of building their own image among the people of the country through their works, the Narendra Modi government of the Center wants to pressurize its opponents at any cost. He said GST tax system was implemented in such a manner that it has crippled the industry and trade of the country while on the other hand by regular delay in the release of state share of GST, the Modi government is badly affecting the economics of states which is also detrimental to the country’s federal structure.

Jakhar said due to GST, the industry and trade is being badly destroyed and for traders it seems to be Gabbar Singh Tax (GST). He said that Union government is not releasing Rs 3,500 crore share of Punjab from GST, which has been adversely impacting the social welfare schemes of the state government.

He said indirectly the Modi government is responsible for the delay in implementation of the schemes of the poor and the weaker sections of the state.

The Modi government has proved completely unsuccessful on the economic front and to hide its failures, now it is not allowing Congress-led state governments to function properly as well. Similarly, ED and the CBI are also misused by the Modi government against non-BJP state governments.

He said the BJP government of the Centre itself is failing to deliver good governance but in spite of improving its functioning, it is now creating hindrance to state governments to deliver good governance to hide its own weaknesses.

The Punjab Congress State President said due to its poor condition in Gujarat Assembly elections, the Modi government is not calling the winter session of Parliament because BJP fears that the opposition in parliament will open the secrets of their failures.


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