COVD-19: Haptik builds WhatsApp chatbot to spread awareness

New Delhi, Feb 14 : Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot company Haptik on Friday launched a WhatsApp chatbot called “nCov helpdesk” to spread awareness and answer frequently asked questions about the novel coronavirus (COVD-19).

Given the accessibility of WhatsApp as a medium and people’s preference to chat, the helpdesk is available on WhatsApp to shatter myths and suggest basic hygiene practices around the virus.

According to the company, people tend to mass-forward messages they receive without verifying the contents, often leading to false or incorrect information being spread and the nCov helpdesk is trying to piece together this jigsaw by providing accurate information on the WhatsApp screen.

Additionally, this chatbot is built with the goal of spreading awareness about the virus and reducing panic and confusion amongst the masses.


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