Chandigarh MC to go smart, install 48,000 LEDs to light every corner


DW Bureau / Chandigarh

The Municipal Corporation in Chandigarh is upbeat about a proposal that will transform the way Chandigarh looks at night, make it uniformly lit, even in foggy weather and without imposing any additional burden on the state exchequer. The MCC will also ensure that there are no dark places left in the City Beautiful and that 95 per cent of the lights work given any specific time.

As part of the smart city initiative the MC Chandigarh has decided to replace 48,000 conventional lights with LEDs in Chandigarh, a move that is expected to save almost Rs 6.5 crore every year for the corporation in energy bills. Additionally the implementation of the programme to introduce new LEDs to replace old light bulbs will not cost the MC a penny in capital investment.

In a very smart move indeed the MC will pay in monthly instalments the LED provider over a period of seven years from the savings it incurs in the MC power bill for streetlighting Chandigarh, says a senior MC Official.

Meanwhile N P Sharma the Chief Engineer of Chandigarh MC, said that the MC had identified 48,000 light points where the conventional lighting was to be replaced with uniform LED lights. Traditionally the MC has been using a mix of sodium vapour lamps, mercury lamps, CFLs and conventional light bulbs.

The MCC has signed a MOU with Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL) a government of India approved organisation to supply it with the LEDs for which payment will be made out of the savings in the power bill. Meanwhile EESL will provide maintenance back up for seven years for the lighting system that it installs. So far the MC has surveyed 41,000 light points and the rest are expected to be surveyed within two weeks Engineer Sharma says, while talking to Daily World.

Once this survey is over EESL will design the new LEDs as per the National Lighting Code and change and fix the lights and maintain them for the next seven years.

The best part in this deal is that the capital cost of the programme is zero rupees, informs Sharma, who expects that the MC will finish the entire project by December 31 this year.

Meanwhile the MC has also embarked upon a plan to end Dark Spots in Chandigarh and to do this a survey of parks and market places is being conducted to find out where additional light points are required. Once this is completed additional infrastructure will be created for lighting these areas for which the MC will bear the cost of construction but maintenance again will be in the hands of EESL. A Computerised Control and Monitoring System will run the lights and make them smart enough to sense when to switch off, when to light up and when to dim. For example lights will dim between 11.00 pm and 5.00 am and enter a power save mode. An astronomical timer will switch lights off and on when required and the colour of the lights will be neutral white instead of bright white or yellow to make them effective even during a fog incident.

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