India’s 3rd international internet gateway to be operational

Agartala, Jan 14 : India’s third international internet gateway, after Mumbai and Chennai, would be operational in Agartala within a month, BSNL chief general manager (North-East one circle) K.K.Saxena said here on Thursday. Union Communications and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on July 11 last year laid the foundation stone here for the third […]

India’s Aadhaar increased access, reduced corruption: World Bank

By Arun Kumar Washington, Jan 14 : Citing how India increased access and reduced corruption in public services by providing unique digital identification to one billion people in five years, the World Bank says digital technologies can promote inclusion, efficiency, and innovation. Indian are using their digital IDs called Aadhaar “to open bank accounts, monitor […]

Nikki Haley caught in Trump’s crosshairs

By Arun Kumar Washington, Jan 14 : Nikki Haley’s call to Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump to tamp down on his anti-immigrant rhetoric won praise from Republicans and Democrats alike, but the real estate mogul was not amused. Supporters of Trump were angered that Haley called him out and many took to Twitter and mocked […]

Dinosaurs did show off sexual display to woo mates

London, Jan 14 : While you must have read about dinosaurs being engaged in “foreplay”, British scientists now reveal that they used large ornamental structures such as horns and head crests in sexual displays and to assert social dominance. This is the first time scientists from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) have linked the […]

Two killed in Jakarta blasts

Jakarta, Jan 14 : At least two people were killed in a series of blasts in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, with gunfire breaking out afterwards, BBC reported. The blasts happened outside the Sarinah shopping centre, near the presidential palace and UN offices, media reports said. A UN official near the scene, Jeremy Douglas, told the […]