Brazil Supreme Court judge suspends lower house speaker Cunha

By Leonardo Goy and Anthony Boadle BRASILIA, May 6 : Brazil’s Supreme Court removed the speaker of the lower house of Congress on charges of obstructing a corruption investigation, days before an impeachment process that he engineered was expected to remove President Dilma Rousseff. The ouster of Eduardo Cunha, a bitter rival of Rousseff’s and […]

Trump’s taco tweet baffles, riles social media users

By Amy Tennery NEW YORK, May 6 : US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump celebrated Cinco de Mayo by tweeting a photo of himself with a taco bowl and the caption: “I love Hispanics,” but the gesture was not to everyone’s taste. “Happy #CincoDeMayo!” tweeted Trump (@realDonaldTrump). “The best taco bowls are made in Trump […]

Raging wildfire spreads to more areas in west Canada

Ottawa, May 6 : The wildfire in western Canada, which ballooned to 85,000 hectares in Fort McMurray overnight, is now billowing across a wide front south of the city, a senior official said on Thursday. The fire, which broke out early this week, has forced a massive evacuation of 88,000 people, Xinhua quoted Alberta Premier […]

Canadian wildfire explodes in size, forces more evacuations

By Rod Nickel LAC LA BICHE, Alberta, May 5 : A catastrophic wildfire that has forced all 88,000 residents to flee Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada exploded tenfold in size today, cutting off evacuees in camps and shelters north of the city. The out-of-control blaze has burned down entire neighborhoods of Fort McMurray in Canada’s […]

Canada fire hit as government cut spending on prevention, planes

By Nia Williams CALGARY, May 5 : Alberta’s cash-strapped government cut funding for wildfire prevention, including millions for programs created in response to the province’s last major fire disaster, just weeks before a raging fire swept across the city of Fort McMurray, forcing a mass evacuation as hundreds of homes burned to the ground. The […]