Indonesia identifies militants, arrests others over attack

By Angie Teo and Agustinus Beo Da Costa JAKARTA, Jan 16 : Indonesian police today named the five men they suspect launched this week’s gun and bomb attack in the heart of Jakarta and said they had arrested 12 others linked to the plot, which was claimed by Islamic State. As investigators pieced together clues […]

Take up a mentally challenging task to stay sharp

New York, Jan 16 : Taking up a new mental challenge such as digital photography or quilting may help you maintain cognitive vitality even in old age, suggests new research. “The present findings provide some of the first experimental evidence that mentally-challenging leisure activities can actually change brain function and that it is possible that […]

Majority of Twitter users say they are early adopters: Study

New York, Jan 16 : The majority of online shoppers who are on the micro-blogging site Twitter think of themselves as early adopters who are willing to recommend a brand after a positive customer service experience, according to a study. Seeking to find out just how progressive and brand-friendly are Twitter users, the study discovered […]

Obesity linked with blood clots in kids, juveniles

New York, Jan 16 : Obesity has an association with the formation of blood clots in the veins of children and adolescents, says a new study. Obesity as determined by body mass index was a statistically significant predictor of blood clot formation in juveniles, the study showed. The association between obesity and venous thromboembolism (VTE) […]

Woman faces jail for tagging sister-in-law on Facebook

New York, Jan 16 : A woman in the US was awarded a year in jail for violating a restraining order after she tagged her victim — her sister-in-law — on a Facebook post that called her “stupid”, a media report said. Maria Gonzalez, who was not allowed to contact Maribel Calderon, was charged with […]

Amendment is admission that Nepal statute is faulty: Madhesi leader

By Prashant Sood Kathmandu, Jan 15 : A Constitution amendment bill tabled by the Nepal government in parliament barely three months after the new statute was promulgated shows the ruling elite accepts that the new charter is faulty and needs to be corrected, a prominent Madhesi leader has said. “There is an acceptance that there […]