‘Green’ low-cost LED lights soon for better vision, mood

London, Jan 13 : Scientists have discovered a novel way to create a new form of LED light by packaging luminescent proteins in the form of rubber that will not only be cost-effective but also soothe our eyesight and enhance mood. This innovative bioLED gives off a white light which is created by equal parts […]

Asthma may increase odds for nearsightedness at young age

New York, Jan 13 : People with asthma, sleep apnea or Down syndrome, have much higher odds of developing an eye condition that causes serious progressive nearsightedness at a relatively young age, new research has revealed. The researchers also confirmed that men are at greater risk of contracting the condition called keratoconus than women. Keratoconus […]

The most energetic light ever observed in space

London, Jan 13 : Scientists have discovered the most energetic light ever detected in the universe from the centre of a supernova known as “Crab pulsar” which is situated 6,500 light years away from Earth. The Crab pulsar is the corpse left over when the star that created the Crab nebula exploded as a supernova. […]

Long-term use of opioid may increase risk of depression

New York, Jan 13 : Opioids may cause short-term improvement in mood but its long-term use imposes risk of new onset of depression, says a new study. Longer duration of use of opioid — a type of narcotic pain medication derived from opium — is linked with onset of depression after controlling for pain and […]

Indonesia’s central bank resists new challenge to independence

By Gayatri Suroyo and Hidayat Setiaji JAKARTA, Jan 13 : – Indonesia’s central bank is resisting calls from lawmakers for an audit of its foreign-exchange transactions, a proposal that could crimp its ability to intervene in the market to stabilize the often-fragile rupiah. Unhappy about the rupiah’s pace of weakening against the dollar in 2015, […]