Sharks not as lonely as previously thought

New York, Feb 23 : Far from being solitary animals, as they have been historically seen, sharks can actually form complex social network that are typically seen in mammals but rarely observed in fish, new research has found. “Higher-order decision-making processes are often associated with mammals, or species that we think of as really smart […]

Triumphant Trump hopes to score a hat trick in Nevada

By Arun Kumar Washington, Feb 23 : With two wins in three states under his belt, a triumphant Donald Trump rolls into Nevada as a hot favourite in the Republican presidential nomination contest Wednesday with Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz fighting for the second place. The real estate mogul, an easy winner of primaries in […]

Facebook top choice for app advertising: Study

New York, Feb 23 : The social networking giant Facebook is the undisputed leader in mobile advertising and the top marketing option for app developers, a new report has revealed. AppsFlyer — an Israel-based mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform — tracked 2.5 billion app installs from October 2015 to January 2016. It found that […]

Mysterious armoured mammals were gigantic armadillos: Study

London, Feb 23 : Huge, armoured mammals that went extinct in the Americas at the end of the last Ice Age likely originated less than 35 million years ago from ancestors within lineages leading directly to one of the modern armadillo families, researchers reveal. The team found that the closest relatives of glyptodonts — some […]

New tiny satellites to help study Earth’s atmosphere from space

Washington, Feb 23 : Inspired by the CubeSats technology where cube-shaped satellites are set to help scientists study the Earth’s atmosphere like never before, the US space agency has selected four new projects to be developed, built, and launched into low-Earth orbit. These tiny satellites are small enough to fit in the palm of your […]