‘Good’ fat may keep your blood sugar stable

Sydney, March 11 : A team of Australian scientists has shown that brown fat — a special type of fat that burns energy to produce heat — may also help to keep blood sugar stable in adults. Brown or “good” fat may help minimise fluctuations in blood sugar (blood glucose) concentration in adults. “Brown fat […]

HIV-infected men risk brittle bones more than women

New York, March 11 : Men infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) are at greater risk of suffering from brittle and fragile bones than women, finds new research. The results showed that in HIV-infected adults, the chances of the protein and mineral content of the bone tissue getting reduced and the bones becoming brittle and […]

Probiotics may help fight tooth cavities

New York, March 11 : A team of US researchers has identified a new bacteria that may keep bad bacteria in check and can help prevent oral cavities using probiotics. According to researchers, the findings could lead to the development of a supplement that patients could take orally to prevent cavities. “A12” bacteria has a […]

‘Lush green’ picked as colour for new Singapore buses

Singapore, March 11 : After a one-month public voting exercise by the Land Transport Authority (LTA), “Lush Green” instead of “Bright Red”, has been picked as the colour for new public buses in Singapore. The LTA described the result as a “close call”, with green edging out red by 144 votes. In total, 57,505 valid […]