Canada PM safe for now as Trump attacks, but angry farmers loom

By David Ljunggren OTTAWA, June 12 : Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, facing the threat of a trade war from U.S. President Donald Trump, has unanimous domestic support for now but to keep a firm hold on power must wring concessions from an unwilling powerful dairy lobby in order to mollify Washington. Trudeau, who over […]

Heavy security quells scattered protests at Canada G7 summit

By Anna Mehler Paperny and Kevin Dougherty QUEBEC CITY, Quebec, Jun 10 : A heavy police presence and an isolated summit site thwarted protesters at the Group of Seven meeting in Canada on Saturday, dousing all but a smattering of demonstrations against the powerful world leaders. With U.S. President Donald Trump and top U.S. allies […]

After a year of nice, Trump brings Trudeau to brink of trade war

By Andrea Hopkins and Roberta Rampton QUEBEC CITY, Quebec, June 9 : In the end, the long charm offensive by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to avoid the ire of U.S. President Donald Trump failed just hours after success seemed closest, with Trump raining insults as Trudeau closed what seemed like a triumphant global summit. […]

Rising oil prices bring hope to gloomy Canada sector

By Rod Nickel and Julie Gordon CALGARY, Alberta/VANCOUVER, May 31 : Years of low oil prices and high costs spurred a stampede by multinational majors out of Canada’s oil sands last year, leaving the remaining crude producers struggling to weather painful drops in profit. Environmentalists derided the “tar sands” as too dirty for investment, and […]

Ontario polls shift to left in two-way race to replace Liberals

By Andrea Hopkins OTTAWA, May 29 : The left-leaning New Democrats have gained ground in Canada’s most populous province, Ontario, ahead of a June 7 provincial election, according to opinion polls, setting up a two-way race with the right-leaning Progressive Conservatives to take power. While plain-spoken populist Doug Ford looked set to lead the PCs […]