Many US Democrats skeptical on chances to reset Netanyahu ties

By Patricia Zengerle WASHINGTON, Feb 14 : Benjamin Netanyahu’s first Trump-era Washington visit offers a chance to repair ties to Democrats that frayed during years of chilly relations under the Obama administration, but many party members said they do not expect much improvement given the Israeli prime minister’s close alignment with Republicans. “There’s a lot […]

Netanyahu pledges to promote “responsible policies” at Trump meeting

By Jeffrey Heller JERUSALEM, Feb 12 : Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today he would present “responsible policies” in talks with US President Donald Trump, signalling to the Israeli far-right to curb its territorial demands in the occupied West Bank. Netanyahu leaves for Washington tomorrow and will see Trump at the White House on Wednesday […]

Israeli forces begin operation to evict settlers from illegal outpost

By Eli Berlzon AMONA, West Bank, Feb 1 : Israeli police moved into an outpost in the occupied West Bank today to remove settlers who Israel’s Supreme Court ruled have been living illegally on privately owned Palestinian land. Settlers and dozens of pro-settlement activists who flocked to the Amona outpost to protest against the evacuation […]

Israel “regrets misunderstanding” with Mexico over wall tweet

By Jeffrey Heller JERUSALEM, Jan 31 : Israel’s president today told his Mexican counterpart that he “regretted the misunderstanding” over a tweet in which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared to praise US President Donald Trump’s plans to build a wall on the Mexican border. In a tweet on Saturday that drew a rebuke from Mexico, […]