Thousands gather in Barcelona as anniversary of independence vote approaches

By Pilar Suarez BARCELONA, Sep 20 : Thousands gathered in Barcelona on Thursday to mark the first anniversary of a police raid on Catalan government offices in the Mediterranean city, a move that sparked a huge demonstration ahead of a banned vote on a split from Spain. Streets in downtown Barcelona were filled with banners […]

Catalan separatists pack Barcelona to demand split from Spain

By Sam Edwards BARCELONA, Sept 11 : Around one million people filled central Barcelona on Tuesday to celebrate Catalonia’s commemorative day and boost a bid for independence which has left deep divisions almost a year after it brought Spain to a constitutional crisis. Tractors bearing red-and-yellow Catalan flags rolled into Barcelona from rural areas and […]

Catalan separatists pack Barcelona to demand split from Spain

By Sam Edwards BARCELONA, Sept 11 : Catalan separatists began gathering in Barcelona on Tuesday to celebrate their region’s commemorative day and boost its bid for independence, in an event expected to draw hundreds of thousands onto the city’s streets. Catalan leader Quim Torra and his predecessor Carles Puigdemont, who fled to Brussels in October […]

Catalan separatists gear up for mass independence rally

By Sam Edwards BARCELONA, Sept 11 : Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to fill the streets of Barcelona on Tuesday for Catalonia’s first commemorative day since it unilaterally declared independence last year and pitched Spain into constitutional crisis. Supporters of splitting the wealthy northeastern region from the rest of the country have in […]

Catalan government to relaunch campaign to split from Spain

By Sonya Dowsett MADRID, Sept 4 : Catalan leader Quim Torra will relaunch on Tuesday his region’s campaign to split from Spain, rebuffing an offer from the central government in Madrid for a referendum on greater autonomy that would fall well short of independence. Torra, who is due to set out his separatist roadmap at […]

Spain moves closer to exhuming dictator Franco’s remains

By Pablo Rodero and Isla Binnie MADRID, Aug 24 : Spain’s government took a step closer on Friday to removing the remains of dictator Francisco Franco from a grand mausoleum that it intends to turn into a memorial to victims of the country’s brutal civil war. Transforming the “Valley of the Fallen” site, marked by […]