US government sued for barring permanent residents from serving in military

San Francisco, June 22 : The American Civil Liberties Foundation has filed a class action lawsuit against the federal government in a court here for “barring” permanent residents from serving in the US military. The class action lawsuit filed on Thursday against the Department of Defence and Secretary of Defence James Mattis states that in […]

Dalit women’s collective calls for end of caste-based violence

New Delhi, June 22 : A Dalit women’s collective, leading their side event for the first time at a session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva on Thursday, voiced their concern over increasing violence and atrocities against women and called for “structural upheaval” to combat the situation, a statement said. A […]

‘Government’s apathy behind Jharkhand hunger-deaths’

New Delhi, June 21 : Investigating the recent spate of hunger deaths in Jharkhand, a Right to Food Campaign report has blamed faulty Public Distribution System and “alarming level of food insecurity” in the state for keeping poor people in starvation and “forcing them to die”. In the last 10 months, at least 12 persons […]

UN rights experts urge Egypt to free couple unlawfully detained

By Stephanie Nebehay GENEVA, June 21 : The daughter of the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and her husband have been unlawfully detained in Egypt for the past year without formal charge, U.N. human rights experts said on Thursday, calling for the couple’s release and compensation. The Cairo government, in its reply published in […]

CIC to continue hearing case even if appellant dies

New Delhi, June 21 : The Central Information Commission (CIC) on Thursday announced it would continue hearing a case and decide it even if an appelant dies in the course of the hearing. “Instances have occurred wherein an appellant/complainant dies before his case is considered by the CIC. Further action to be taken in such […]