SC stayed ÔÇÿgag orderÔÇÖ issued by Nehra Commission

Manish Tiwari/ Chandigarh: Click here for ePaper version: Down memory lane SC stayed ÔÇÿgag orderÔÇÖ issued by Nehra Commission The Apex CourtÔÇÖs intervention helped publication of details of Swiss bank transactions in the name of Punjab Intranet Company As pressure mounted on then Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh to come clean on the issue of […]

RaninderÔÇÖs Swiss bank episode in 2004 undermined Captain AmarinderÔÇÖs war against corruption

Manish Tiwari/Chandigarh: Click here for ePaper Version: Down memory lane Nearly 12 years after I published a series of news reports in Hindustan Times on how money from India was being stashed away to Swiss bank accounts in the name of the once-proposed Punjab Intranet Company (PIC), the Income Tax departmentÔÇÖs decision to file a […]

IT Dept files case; Captain Amarinder SinghÔÇÖs son Raninder in soup

DW Bureau / Ludhiana: Click here for ePaper Version: The Income Tax department on Saturday filed a case against Punjab Congress president Capt Amarinder SinghÔÇÖs son Raninder Singh on charges of furnishing false information, submitting false statements on oath and verifying false statements in connection with foreign accounts. The IT department filed the complaint in […]

Class 12 students and their parents cry foul on CBSE for setting tough exam

DW BUREAU/Ludhiana Click here to visit ePaper version: Three hours of mental torture for students left them depressed and in tears after MondayÔÇÖs maths exam. ÔÇ£I donÔÇÖt know who had set the paper,but whoever it is, should keep in mind that question papers are not the place to exhibit his knowledge. Do they set the […]