My experience of covering Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Punjab

PRIYANKA MICHELLE DAS: Most of my exposure to the man who has impacted a nation with his robust decisions has been on television, over the internet and through discussions with people around me. A third tier city reporter will, just about, have the same amount of exposure give and take a few pre election rallies. […]

When educating girls will destroy the Indian way of life

By Ajit Chak: Will the Indian way of life be destroyed by educating girls and creating modern women in Indian society? If the Khap is to be believed yes and they have a point. Today the biggest danger to family life and values is tee shirts, jeans, mobile phones scooties and chowmien and burgers. The […]

So Far, Still No Real ÔÇÿChangeÔÇÖ In TrumpÔÇÖs Appointee Choices

By Kal K Korff Pakistan will hate it if Flynn becomes TrumpÔÇÖs National Security Advisor. Flynn says he will cut off all aid to Pak if it supports terrorism. While it has not been long since he was declared the winner of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, Donald Trump, as of this reporting, is showing […]

A water war will shake Punjab from side to side now

The Badal government today can only impress upon the President not to agree to the SC advisory By Ajit Chak: It has finally happened. What was feared by most Punjabi politicians, farmers, officials and traders has come true. The Supreme Court has in its advisory to the President of India said that PunjabÔÇÖs stand on […]

The East India Company is back to beckon again

What India and the British need to do today is to create a synergy whereby both nations genuinely benefit so that they can create an alternative to the failing strength of the United States By Ajit Chak: The British are back and this time they are selling dreams not to Indian monarchs, but to the […]

Needed, custody laws for NRIs

By Anil Malhotra: Teacher, leave the kids aloneÔÇØ – the satirical adage flowing from the popular lyric of Pink Floyd, the iconic British rock band, seems to have a unique parallel application today to parents in the Indian subcontinent. Thorny legal issues and intricate human complications confront fathers and mothers of children in the unchartered […]