Charkhas on roads, kites in the skies of Gujarat

By Azera Parveen Rahman Vadodara, Jan 10 : The charkhas (spinning wheels) are out on the roads of Vadodara and the rest of Gujarat, declaring an upcoming colourful revolution in the skies. No, they aren’t spinning cloth but preparing endless lengths of ‘manjha’ (kite strings) with coats of colour, conjuring a visual treat alongside make-shift […]

Interaction during reading helps toddlers develop language

New York, Jan 10 : Next time you read to your baby, pay attention to the babbling as interaction is the key to language development during reading, reveals a new study. The researchers found that babies made more speech-like sounds during reading than when playing with puppets or toys. They also discovered mothers were more […]

More and more foreigners are enrolling for classical Indian dances: Kathak legend Birju Maharaj

By Kishori Sud New Delhi, Jan 10 : Even at 77, he’s dancing away and mentoring dancers. India’s famed Kathak exponent Birju Maharaj says he does not understand the government policy of retirement at 60, as he feels he has worked even more since he retired as head of the state-run Kathak Kendra classical dance […]

Autistic girls more social than autistic boys

London, Jan 10 : Autistic girls are more socially motivated and have more intimate friendships than autistic boys, says a study. “One of the most striking findings of our study was that that the friendships of autistic girls were more like those of non-autistic girls than they were like the friendships of autistic boys,” said […]