Israel closing embassy in Paraguay in response to return of mission to Tel Aviv

By Ali Sawafta and Daniela Desantis JERUSALEM/ASUNCION, Sept 6 : Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the closure of Israel’s embassy in Paraguay on Wednesday, hours after the Latin American nation’s new government announced it would move its embassy back to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem. Paraguay’s decision was a blow to Israel’s efforts to achieve […]

Israeli central bank critical of Netanyahu plan to raise defence spending

By Steven Scheer JERUSALEM, Aug 22 : Israel’s central bank on Wednesday criticised a government plan to sharply boost defence spending, saying it would come at the expense of civilian spending and probably increase the budget deficit and state’s debt burden. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told ministers last week that to meet expected threats in […]

Israeli politicians suspect Netanyahu seeks election to survive corruption probes

By Jeffrey Heller JERUSALEM, Mar 11 : A dispute within Israel’s governing coalition over military conscription of ultra-orthodox Jewish men stirred speculation on Sunday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to see a snap election to help him survive corruption investigations. Right-wing and religious parties in the government are divided over the framing of a […]