US Chamber of Commerce chief expects basic NAFTA deal by mid-2018

By Dave Graham MEXICO CITY, Apr 23 : The United States, Mexico and Canada are likely to reach a basic accord over reworking the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) by the middle of next year, the head of the biggest US business lobby group said on Sunday. The future of the deal binding the […]

Trump to seek tariff ‘snap-back’, tax equality in NAFTA revamp -letter

By David Lawder WASHINGTON, Mar 31 : In revamping the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Trump administration will seek tax equality and the ability to reimpose tariffs if a flood of imports from Canada and Mexico causes “a threat of serious injury” to U.S. industry, a draft of negotiating objectives shows. The administration […]

Canada’s PM says US border tax will hurt both economies

By Liz Hampton HOUSTON, Mar 10 : Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday repeated his opposition to a U.S. proposal for an import tax, telling energy executives gathered in Houston a levy would hurt both economies. “Anything that creates impediments at the border, extra tariffs, new taxes is something we’re concerned with,” Trudeau said, […]

Pressured by Trump, Mexico ready to discuss NAFTA rules in US talks

By Dave Graham MEXICO CITY, Jan 25 : Under pressure from President Donald Trump, Mexico is preparing to discuss changes to trade rules about a product’s country of origin to try to avoid a disruptive fight with the United States over commerce. As the two countries begin a difficult new relationship, Mexico sees possible common […]

Canada to Mexico on NAFTA: you might be on your own

By David Ljunggren CALGARY, Alberta, Jan 24 : Canada will focus on preserving its US trade ties during talks to renegotiate NAFTA and may not be able to help Mexico avoid being targeted by the Trump administration, Canadian government sources say. “We love our Mexican friends. But our national interests come first and the friendship […]

Reopening NAFTA could revive debate over what makes a car ‘American’

By Bernie Woodall DETROIT, Jan 24 : Some of the most popular and profitable vehicles sold in the United States by Detroit’s automakers are imported from Mexico, a reality that highlights the risks for the auto industry as the Trump administration pushes to overhaul trade policy. President Donald Trump has scheduled a breakfast today with […]