Schizophrenia patients may benefit from Avatar therapy

London, Nov 24 : A novel therapy which helps people with schizophrenia to interact face-to-face with a digital avatar of the entity that they believe is persecuting them has been proven effective, results of a clinical trial has revealed. Auditory verbal hallucinations, which are typically of a derogatory and threatening nature, are reported by approximately […]

World’s smallest data recorder built from bacteria

New York, Nov 24 : Researchers have converted a natural bacterial immune system into a microscopic data recorder, laying the groundwork for a new class of technologies that use bacterial cells for everything from disease diagnosis to environmental monitoring. Using CRISPR-Cas, an immune system in many species of bacteria, researchers engineered human gut microbe Escherichia […]

Biocon releases new drug to treat cancer types

Bengaluru, Nov 23 : Biotech major Biocon Ltd on Thursday released a new drug for treatment of cancer affecting the lung, kidney, cervical, ovaries and brain. “The biosimilar Bevacizumab Krabeva is a monoclonal antibody drug for first line of treatment of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer and other types of the disease,” said the city-based […]

Tiny robots may soon aid in delivering treatments

Hong Kong, Nov 23 : An international team of researchers has developed micro-robots that could soon be used to diagnose and deliver drugs in hard-to-reach areas of the human body. The robots were manufactured by coating tiny algae with magnetic particles and can smoothly swim in biological fluids, such as diluted blood and gastric fluid. […]

Sclerosis drug may combat multi-resistant bacteria

London, Nov 23 : A 20-year-old drug widely used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS) may also help fight obstinate bacteria that cause multi-resistance towards classic antibiotics, researchers have found. Glatiramer acetate is known to be a safe drug that does not have many serious side effects. Results from the experiments conducted in the […]

National Tissue Bank inaugurated to bridge demand-supply gap

New Delhi, Nov 22 : The National Biomaterial Centre (National Tissue Bank), which aims to fill the gap between demand and supply of tissues, was inaugurated here by Minister of State for Health Anupriya Patel on Wednesday. The centre, situated at National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO), will also provide quality assurance in the […]