India, Sao Tome to cooperate in traditional medicine

New Delhi, April 25 : The Union Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Wednesday approved two agreements between India and African island nation Sao Tome and Principe to cooperate in traditional medicine and medicinal plants. “The Union Cabinet … has given its ex-post facto approval for the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between India […]

Commonly heartburn drug linked to pneumonia in elderly

London, April 25 : Older adults’s intake of widely prescribed drugs to neutralise stomach acid in people with heartburn or stomach ulcers could increase their risk of pneumonia, finds a study. Approximately 40 per cent of older adults receive proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), although according to some experts, up to 85 per cent of people […]

Low iron, Vitamin B12 level may up anxiety in boys

New York, April 25 : Iron deficiency and low blood levels of Vitamin B12 in small boys may be associated with behaviour problems, such as anxiety and aggression, when they get in middle school, according to a new study. The findings showed that iron deficiency, anemia and low plasma vitamin B12 levels in boys at […]

Eating dark chocolate cuts stress, boosts memory: Study

New York, April 25 : Consuming dark chocolate can reduce stress and inflammation, as well as improve memory, immunity and mood, results from experimental trials have shown. This is due to the high concentration of cacao — a major source of flavonoids. The flavonoids found in cacao are extremely potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, with […]

Novel smartphone-based lab detects infections faster

New York, April 25 : Researchers have developed a low-cost, portable laboratory on a smartphone that could lead to faster, accurate and lower-cost results for fast-moving viral and bacterial epidemics, especially in rural or lower-resource areas. The device, which works nearly as well as clinical laboratories, could detect 12 common viral and bacterial infectious diseases, […]