On some Punjab highways, it’s the season for roadside ‘gur’ manufacturing units

By Jaideep Sarin Chunni (Punjab), Jan 20 : Driving along highways in Punjab during this season can be a sweet and interesting experience – literally that is! With hundreds of ‘gur’ (jaggery) manufacturing units lined up near the sugarcane fields along the highways, it seems like a real sweet-time for farmers and people who stop […]

Group learning makes kids active decision-makers

New York, Jan 20 : Participating in collaborative group work to learn about important social issues can make children better decision-makers than their peers who learn the same curriculum through teacher-led discussions, says a new study. “Collaborative group work positions students as active decision-makers, whereas direct instruction places them in a passive role, following the […]

Exercise counters brain shrinkage in Parkinson’s disease

New York, Jan 20 : By protecting the brain from shrinkage, aerobic exercise may slow the progression of Parkinsons disease, a progressive disorder of the nervous system, says a neurologist. In an editorial published online in the journal JAMA Neurology, neurologist J Eric Ahlskog from Mayo Clinic in Minnesota recommends that modern physical therapy practices […]