Bullying ups depressive symptoms among autistic teenagers: Study

London, June 20 : Bullying can increase depressive symptoms among autistic teenagers more than genetic differences, a new study suggests. “Bullying can be detrimental to anyone’s mental health, but young people with social communication difficulties and other autistic traits seem to be particularly vulnerable,” said co-author Alan Emond, Professor at the University of Bristol in […]

Ebola outbreak in Congo “largely contained”, says WHO

By Tom Miles GENEVA, June 20 : Democratic Republic of Congo’s Ebola outbreak has been “largely contained” and no new cases of the disease have been confirmed since the last known sufferer died on June 9, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday. The U.N. health body said it viewed the situation with “cautious optimism”, […]

How your toothpaste can contribute to antibiotic resistance

Sydney, June 20 : A common ingredient found in toothpaste and handwash may contribute to antibiotic resistance in body, warns a new study. A compound named triclosan, used in more than 2,000 personal care products which we use almost daily, may be increasing the spread of antibiotic resistance, the study said. “These chemicals are used […]

Over 1 lakh patients in Kerala to receive palliative care

Thiruvananthapuram, June 20 : At least 1.50 lakh patients in Kerala who suffer from various ailments will have a better quality of life through palliative care, the government said on Wednesday. The care would be provided through a joint initiative between the private sector and state government, the Kerala Assembly was told. Palliative care is […]

How psychological stress affects vision

London, June 20 : Persistent psychological stress which is widely recognised as a consequence of vision loss is also a major contributor to its development and progression, a new study has warned. The study, published in the EPMA Journal, is based on a comprehensive analysis of hundreds of published research and clinical reports on the […]