Smartphones to turn into pancreas, treat Type 1 diabetes

New York, Jan 10 : US researchers have developed a system that treats Type 1 diabetes automatically and effortlessly — with the help of a smartphone — ditching constant finger pricks and manual insulin injections. Combined with a tiny sensor and wearable insulin pump, a smartphone can stand in for a pancreas, automatically monitoring blood-sugar […]

Here comes ‘green’ coffee for super health benefits

London, Jan 10 : You love green tea for its health benefits but what about having a cup of “green coffee”? Well, US scientists have come up with a new invention – parbaked coffee bean where coffee beans are baked at less temperature for super health benefits. According to biophysicist Dan Perlman from Massachusetts-based Brandeis […]

New therapy to quickly heal respiratory infections

New Delhi, Jan 9 (IANS) A new therapy that helps in quick healing of colds, bronchitis and several forms of respiratory allergies was launched here on Saturday. In the salt room therapy (SRT), patients are asked to relax in a room with walls thickly lined with salt. Light air is continuously blown into the room, […]

Smokers with pneumonia at higher risk of lung cancer

New York, Jan 8 (IANS) Smokers hospitalised for pneumonia are at higher risk of getting diagnosed with lung cancer within one year, says a new study. The findings suggest that screening heavy smokers admitted to the hospital for pneumonia could facilitate the early diagnosis of lung cancer and thereby reduce the incidence of mortality. "We […]

Just one junk food snack may trigger metabolic disease

London Overindulgence at the dinner table orat snack time may be enough to trigger signs of metabolic disease, a new study has warned. In the study, just one high-calorie shake was enough to make people with metabolic disease worse, while in others, relatively short periods of overeating triggered the beginnings of metabolic disease. “Acute effects […]

Can frequent sex flush out kidney stones?

New Delhi:┬áA recent Turkish study claiming that having sex at least three to four times a week can help ease the spontaneous passage of small kidney stones has taken the Indian urologists by surprise. While they agree that probably the release of a key compound that is an integral part of sex and heart health […]