Your boss can influence your health!

New York, Feb 15 : Strong and effective leadership are vital for any workplace. Managers play a huge role in creating the best work environment, polishing the behaviour of employees, and also promoting their health and wellness. However, a new study suggests that managers must be provided with incentives to focus on creating a healthier […]

Speech disorder can lead to brain disease

New York, Feb 15 : Apraxia, a problem with speech programming, can lead to neurodegenerative disease – a condition that affects neurons in the human brain, a study says. Apraxia of speech can evolve into a neurologic disorder, causing difficulty with eye movement, using the limbs, walking and falling that worsens as time passes. It […]

Hypertension, hard labour raise women’s risk of heart disease

London, Feb 15 : Hypertensive women with physically demanding jobs are at nearly three times higher risk of ischaemic heart disease, a condition that affects blood supply to the heart, warns a study. The combination of hypertension (commonly known as high blood pressure) and high physical activity at work increased the risk of ischaemic heart […]

Pakistan to start anti-polio drive on Monday

Islamabad, Feb 15 : Pakistan is set to begin a three-day nationwide polio immunisation campaign on Monday, the media reported. Thousands of teams have been formed for the drive against the crippling disease with hopes to eliminate the virus this year, official sources said. According to a UNICEF health official, there was an at least […]

Indians die of cancer due to ignorance of early symptoms: Doctors

New Delhi, Feb 14 : Indians tend to ignore or misread the early symptoms of cancer, which delays diagnosis and treatment until the problem has become less amenable to medication, said a group of oncologist surgeons. Early indications of prostate cancer in men, for instance, such as reduction in urinal frequency, reduced stream of urination […]

China’s first Zika patient discharged

Beijing, Feb 14 : China’s first patient with the Zika virus was discharged from hospital on Sunday. China confirmed the case on February 9, Xinhua news agency reported. The patient, a 34-year-old man from Ganxian county in Jiangxi province, had developed fever, headache and dizziness on January 28 in Venezuela, before returning to his hometown […]