New non-invasive method to spot a child with celiac disease

London, March 12 : Researchers have developed a simple finger prick test which allows to determine whether a child aged two to four suffers from celiac disease or not without the necessity of a blood extraction. This method does not require experienced personnel, is quick (10 minutes), economic and, most important of all in the […]

Retirement can boost positive changes in lifestyle

Sydney, March 12 : Individuals who retire become more physically active, reduce their sitting time, are less likely to smoke, and have healthier sleep patterns, when compared with people who are still working, finds a new research. “A major life change like retirement creates a great window of opportunity to make positive lifestyle changes — […]

How Germany brought down colorectal cancer rate

London, March 12 : Within 10 years of the start of a screening programme for the early detection of colorectal cancer in Germany, the number of new cases has significantly dropped, especially in the age groups of 55 years and above, new research has found. After decades of increase, the introduction of screening colonoscopy in […]

US doctor with Lassa fever en route to Atlanta from West Africa

By Rich McKay ATLANTA, March 11 : An American doctor who was working with missionaries in West Africa is being moved to an isolation ward at an Atlanta hospital today with a suspected case of Lassa fever, a deadly hemorrhagic disease similar to Ebola, officials said. The patient, who has not been identified publicly, was […]

‘3D-CCG, an easier way to detect heart ailments’

New Delhi, March 11 : With the rising burden of cardiac patients in India due to their lifestyle, medical experts have suggested newly introduced 3-Dimension Cardiovascular Cartography (3D-CCG) as the easiest way to detect any cardiac ailment. Being a non-invasive procedure, Cardiovascular 3D cartography is a technique for early detection of coronary artery disease (CAD) […]

Goa records seventh ‘monkey disease’ death

Panaji, March 11 : The Kyasanur Forest Disease (KFD) also known as “monkey disease” has claimed its seventh victim in the remote sub-district of Sattari. Speaking to reporters, state epidemiologist Utkarsh Betodkar said 66-year-old Jayashri Gaonkar was the seventh person to succumb to the KFD disease, which is caused due to proximity of human beings […]