Young mom’s belief in instinct can harm baby

New York, April 21 : Although young mothers may be aware of safe sleeping practices for curbing sudden infant death — or crib death, quite a few of them do not follow these believing that their instincts are more accurate, researchers report. Teenage mothers believed that their instincts were more accurate than anyone else’s, even […]

Utah governor declares porn a ‘public health crisis’

New York, April 21 : Gary Herbert, Governor of the US state of Utah, has signed a resolution that declares pornography a “public health crisis” and says it “perpetuates a sexually toxic environment,” media reported. He signed two measures aimed at pornography this week that actually does not ban pornography but affirm that Utah recognises […]

Genes linked to happiness, depression discovered

New York, April 21 : In one of the largest studies on the genes involved in human behaviour, a team of over 190 researchers from 140 institutions in 17 countries has found genetic variants associated with our feelings of well-being, depression and neuroticism. The researchers, however, advise caution when interpreting the results as genetic variants […]

Even daily-use products can make you fat!

New York, April 21 : Exposure to chemicals found in everyday products can lead to an increase in body fat which may pose various health hazards, reveals new research. “Growing research shows that these chemicals could be harming people’s health,” said lead author Lei Yin, assistant research scientist at University of Georgia. Levels of phthalates […]

3D micro-heart muscle offers cheaper drug tests

New York, April 21 : A team of US scientists has invented a new way to create three-dimensional (3D) human heart tissue from stem cells that offers cheaper and faster method to create heart tissue for testing drugs and modelling disease. The tissue also opens the door for a precision medicine approach to treating heart […]