Tall, muscular men seen as better leaders

New York, Feb 25 : If you want to be seen as a leader, go hit the gym! New research suggests that when it comes to judging a person’s leadership potential, a muscular physique might just be a more important attribute than wisdom and intelligence. “Our findings are consistent with a lot of real examples […]

Using thin avatars in gaming can help you stay in shape

New York, Feb 25 : How you play virtual games can impact real life decisions as researchers have found that gamers who create thin virtual avatars of themselves are likely to exercise more and stay in shape than those who play as an obese avatar of themselves. “I think the findings have real-world applications, such […]

Fidgeting beneficial for ADHD kids: Study

New York, Feb 25 : The hyperactive behaviour exhibited by children with attention deficit disorder may actually prove beneficial for their memory. Children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may benefit cognitively from behaviours like squirming or fidgeting, said the researchers. The results showed that kids affected with ADHD moved up to 25 percent more when […]

Jaundice outbreak: Himachal HC provides interim relief

Shimla, Feb 25 : Less than two months after a jaundice outbreak in the state capital, the Himachal Pradesh High Court on Thursday pulled up top government functionaries for their apparent lapses in dealing with the water-borne disease. Awarding an interim compensation of Rs.2 lakh to the next of kin of the deceased, a division […]

Speech sounds can help autistic kids develop linguistic skills

London, Feb 25 : Children with autism who often suffer impairments in communication can develop their speech, gestures and a sense of rhythm and melody by listening to various speech sounds, says a study. The study, which focused on the autism spectrum condition (ASC) — the range of autistic disorders including Asperger syndrome — revealed […]

Hand sanitizers removed from Sweden after teenage abuse

Stockholm, Feb 25 : Pharmacies in Sweden have taken hand sanitizers off their shelves after they discovered that teenagers had been intoxicating themselves by drinking these. “Young people come in to the emergency room with alcohol poisoning and say they have drunk hand sanitizer,” police official Stefan Sund told public broadcaster Swedish Radio on Wednesday. […]