Combined dietary supplement may cut heart disease

London, April 26 : A team of researchers, including an Indian-origin scientist, has found that combining marine fish oil, cocoa extract and phytosterols into a dietary supplement is likely to help fight heart disease, a new study suggests. The researchers examined the potential of combining the three ingredients as a means of preventing atherosclerosis or […]

New evidencde that certain drugs may help reduce domestic violence

Toronto, April 26 : Researchers have found more evidence that psychedelic drugs, whose primary action is to alter the thought processes of the brain, may help curb domestic violence committed by men with substance abuse problems. While research on the benefits of psychedelic drugs took place in the 1950 to the 1970s, primarily to treat […]

Why do older adults struggle to adapt to new environments?

Sydney, April 26 : The elderly are often unable to adjust to new surroundings. This is partly due to the deterioration of a brain circuit that plays a key role in goal-directed learning, a new study conducted on mice has found. The results revealed that the faulty activation of this brain circuit mixes both the […]

Vision problems may put kids at increased risk of ADHD

New York, April 26 : Children with vision problems not correctable with glasses or contact lenses are twice as likely to have a diagnosis of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) when compared to peers without such disorders, suggests a study. “Children with vision problems should be monitored for signs and symptoms of ADHD so that this […]

Canada confirms first sexually-transmitted Zika virus case

Toronto, April 26 : Canada has confirmed the first positive case of sexually transmitted Zika virus in an Ontario resident whose partner was infected by the virus after travelling to an affected country. Canada’s Public Health Agency on Monday confirmed the infection after a testing at National Microbiology Laboratory which was still investigating another suspected […]

Zika virus cases drop in Brazil: WHO

Brasilia, April 26 : The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said that the number of Zika epidemic cases has begun dropping. However, the agency on Monday warned it still expected cases around the world to sharply rise in the coming months, Xinhua news agency reported. According to WHO’s assistant director-general Marie-Paule Kieny, the drop in […]