Parental substance use may affect children’s behaviour

New York, July 18 : Children whose parents misuse alcohol or use, produce or distribute drugs face an increased risk of medical and behavioural problems, says a study. “Parents’ or caregivers’ substance use may affect their ability to consistently prioritise their children’s basic physical and emotional needs and provide a safe, nurturing environment,” said study […]

Sun Pharma gets epilepsy drug licence for US market

Chennai, July 18 : Sun Pharmaceutical group on Monday announced the licensing of ELEPSIA XR drug by Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company Ltd (SPARC) to a subsidiary of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd for the US market. In a statement, Sun Pharma said SPARC will licence ELEPSIA XR (Levetiracetam Extended Release tablets) to a wholly-owned subsidiary […]

6,000 teen abortion cases reported in Vietnam annually

Hanoi, July 18 : Some 6,000 teen abortion cases were reported in Vietnam annually, according to the General Office for Population and Family Planning (GOPFP) on Monday. In 2015, Vietnam had a total of around 280,000 abortion cases, 2 per cent of which were by teenage moms, state-run Tien Phong daily online newspaper quoted the […]

Heart failure after first heart attack may increase cancer risk

New York, July 17 : People who develop heart failure after the first heart attack have higher chances of getting diagnosed with cancer, reveals a new study. While cancer is usually considered a separate cause of death from heart disease, studies have been conducted to determine an association between heart disease and an increased cancer […]

46 per cent female cancer patients in India are below 50: Doctors

New Delhi, July 17 : Forty-six per cent of women suffering from cancer are under 50, a worrying trend that’s likely to continue in the coming years due to lifestyle changes, said doctors. Late marriages, multiple sex partners and late pregnancy have contributed to incidence of cancer among women, of which breast and cervical cancers […]