New molecular marker can predict breast cancer risk

New York, April 8 : Researchers have identified a molecular marker that identifies proliferating cells in normal breast tissue and can predict a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer, the leading cause of death in women with cancer worldwide. The findings showed that women having a higher percentage of the molecular marker Ki67 are five […]

New technology enables interpretation of human genome

New York, April 8 : Scientists have developed a new technology that enables them to read and interpret the human genome, opening the door to identifying new drug targets to treat many genetic diseases. The technology called TargetFinder helps researchers connect mutations in the so-called genomic “dark matter” with the genes they affect, potentially revealing […]

Kidneys’ innate clock affects body’s metabolic processes

London, April 8 : An internal clock within the kidneys plays an important role in maintaining balance within the body, a new study has found. The Circadian clock or the roughly 24-hour biological cycle help cells, tissues, organs, and whole organisms follow daily rhythms based on light-dark cycles as the earth rotates. The findings showed […]

Researchers identify potent antibodies against HIV

New York, April 8 : Scientists have developed a structure-based vaccine design that can jumpstart an effective immune response to HIV by rapidly offsetting antibodies against the virus, which so far have been unsuccessful. Previous studies have shown that the immune system can produce antibodies capable of “neutralising” HIV, and stopping the AIDS-causing virus dead […]

Diabetes causes 1.5 mn deaths a year: UN chief

United Nations, April 7 : UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Thursday said diabetes now causes some 1.5 million deaths a year, and called for healthier lifestyles on this year’s World Health Day. Diabetes is an ancient disease that is taking a growing toll on the modern world, Xinhua quoted Ban as saying in his message […]