Pakistan’s Imran Khan “quietly confident” he will be PM

By Kay Johnson LAHORE, Pakistan, July 13 : Pakistani cricket legend Imran Khan said he was “quietly confident” of victory in a general election this month and that as prime minister, he would drive an anti-corruption and anti-poverty campaign in the south Asian nation. The 65-year-old opposition leader, a glamorous part of the London upper […]

Political “turncoats” boost Imran Khan’s prospects in Pakistan poll

By Drazen Jorgic MIANWALI QURESHIAN, Pakistan, July 11 : – Makhdum Khusro Bakhtyar, a Pakistani landowner and politician, recently switched to his third party in a decade. That is unlikely to prevent him retaining his seat in parliament this month, thanks to loyalty to a family name that has held sway over politics in this […]