US Senate rejects immigration plans, Dreamers’ fate uncertain

Washington, Feb 16 : The US Senate has summarily blocked four proposals to resolve the fate of Dreamers, leaving hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants in America facing an uncertain future. A bipartisan bill from a group led by Maine Republican Susan Collins on Thursday fared best, garnering 54 votes, six short of the […]

21 immigrants killed in Libya truck crash

Tripoli, Feb 14 : At least 21 illegal immigrants of different African nationalities were killed when a truck carrying them crashed in northern Libya on Wednesday. Seventy-five people were wounded as a large transport truck carrying them overturned early morning in the city of Bani Walid, 180 km southeast of Tripoli, Xinhua news agency reported. […]

Ex-US Border Patrol agent regrets immigrants’ dehumanization

New York, Feb 14 : Former US Border Patrol agent Francisco Cantu has deplored the dehumanization suffered by undocumented immigrants and how the hundreds of deaths that occur every year on the border are the “new normal”. Fascinated with the 1,954-mile line that separates the US from Mexico, this Mexican migrant’s grandson with a degree […]

For one U.S. immigrant family, short-term public aid meant long-term security

By Yeganeh Torbati WASHINGTON, Feb 14 : – When Abosede Akingbade Thomas, a Nigerian immigrant to the United States, was ordered to bed rest in 1981 during a difficult pregnancy, she followed her doctor’s advice to sign up for food stamps and another aid program providing support to pregnant and nursing women. At the time, […]

‘508 Hindu refugees cleared for repatriation to Myanmar’

By Arul Louis United Nations, Feb 14 : Myanmar has said that 508 Hindus are among around 1,000 refugees cleared for the first batch to be repatriated to their homes from Bangladesh. The list, which also includes 750 Muslims, has been handed over to Bangladesh authorities to “expedite” the process of repatriating refugees now in […]

Duterte bans deployment of Filipino workers to Kuwait

Manila, Feb 14 : Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration has ordered a ban on the overseas deployment of Filipino workers to Kuwait after the deaths of several woman, a media report said. As many as 10,000 Filipino workers in Kuwait are expected to take up the Philippine government’s offer of a free flight home after […]