Families wiped out, loved ones perish in Amritsar train tragedy

Amritsar, Oct 20 : In the death of 59 people in the Amritsar train tragedy on Friday evening, a bigger tragedy has struck many families: their sole breadwinners have died; and in several cases, children are still trying to find their parents. Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, who visited the accident site and the injured in […]

Amritsar train tragedy similar to Thalaserry’s in 1986

Chennai, Oct 20 : Friday’s Amritsar’s train tragedy is similar to the one that happened in 1986 in Kerala’s Thalaserry, where an Express train ran through revellers, leaving several dead and injured in its trail, recalled a senior journalist here on Saturday. “I was 20 and working in a private company. The rail track was […]

India asks UN for visitor tours in Hindi language

By Arul Louis United Nations, Oct 20 : In its push to promote Hindi at the world body, India has reiterated its request to the UN to conduct tours for visitors to the headquarters in that language. Saying that the tour is popular with Indians visiting New York, Deepak Misra, a minister in the Indian […]

210-ft tall Ravana effigy goes up in flames

Chandigarh, Oct 19 : Dussehra was celebrated across Punjab and Haryana with 210-ft tall effigy of Ravana, said to be the tallest in the country, going up in flames in Panchkula city on Friday. The festival symbolising the victory of good over evil saw many effigies of the mythological demon king being consigned to flames […]

Chinese typewriter exhibition held in New York

New York, Oct 19 : An exhibition featuring Chinese typewriters and processors opened in New York city, offering unprecedented insight into the still-transforming history of one of the world’s oldest living languages. The exhibition, named “Radical Machines: Chinese in the Information Age”, explores the historical significance and technological innovation behind Chinese typewriters, and the role […]

Gujarat aims to attract tourists with ‘Statue of Unity’, world tallest

By Amiya Kumar Kushwaha Kevadia (Gujarat), Oct 19 : Narendra Modi’s home state of Gujarat hopes that the world’s tallest statue, that of Sardar Vallabbhai Patel, known as the “Iron Man of India”, which the Prime Minister will inaugurate on October 31. will promote tourism through its unique features. These include a viewing gallery at […]