Savour a slice of Burma in Noida

By Parul Soni Noida, Oct 18 : It’s quite a task to convince one’s tastebuds to try vegetarian food when you belong to the opposite world. The probability of liking the place in question drops significantly when it is also alcohol-free. Still, I dared to land in Burma Burma — a completely vegetarian restaurant and […]

Good food is good food, no matter where you eat it: Celebrity chef Sarah Todd

By Karishma S. Kalita Gurugram, Oct 17 : “Good food is good food, no matter where you eat it — as long as the flavours are right.” These golden words were spoken by Australian celebrity chef Sarah Todd, and they perfectly describe the delicious spread available at The Wine Company. Todd was here on a […]

From pain and penury to pinnacle of success: The winning tale of gritty Swapna Barman

By Debayan Mukherjee Kolkata, Oct 14 : Until that evening in Jakarta when the country celebrated her success with much fanfare, everything about heptathlete Swapna Barman spelt hardship. From extreme poverty to physical deformity of the kind that threatened to time and again derail her ambition, Swapna pushed every odd to its limits on course […]

Barcelos intensifies South African cock-fight

By Venkatachari Jagannathan Chennai, Oct 14 : Barcelos is a new South African flame-grilled chicken restaurant that opened its outlet here recently — at a time when a competing brand has also stepped in, and another downed its shutters. It is also a time when many eateries are experiencing a sharp drop in footfalls as […]

Of fitness, love in a cafe, and heartbreak

New Delhi, Oct 12 : Read two paperback novels set in Delhi, one about what it takes to survive in a big city and the other, a gentle love story of a boy from Bihar and a momo-seller from the northeast; read how step-by-step processes reveal ways of overcoming obstacles on the path to fitness; […]

Puja 2018: Adding individual style elements, buying evergreen fashion pieces

By Binita Das Kolkata, Oct 11 : Keeping the traditions of Durga Puja alive and yet making a fashion statement is every fashionista’s goal. Donning bright festive hues, going experimental, stocking trendy accessories and yet not forgetting to add individual style elements is the current trend. In keeping up the tradition of buying new clothes […]