MittalÔÇÖs writ runs, Punjab initiates fresh process for PTU VC selection

Yogindra Mohan / Chandigarh ePaper version A couple of weeks after Punjab Industries and Technical Education Minister Madan Mohan Mittal accused Chief Secretary Sarvesh Kaushal of crossing the ÔÇÿLakshman RekhaÔÇÖ and hardened his stand over the appointment of Vice-Chancellor of Maharaja Ranjit Singh Punjab Technical University, the State government has rejected all earlier recommendations and […]

2017 polls: The CaptainÔÇÖs final battle

ePaper┬áVersion Manish Tiwari / Chandigarh This could probably be the last chance for Punjab Congress chief Capt Amarinder Singh to win the Assembly elections and prove to his detractors that he still continues to be the tallest Congress leader in the state. His party has also realised well in time that it stood a chance […]

Tap, tap, tapanybody listening?

Yogindra Mohan / Chandigarh Big brother is watching you! This seems to be fear as well as belief of a majority of top politicians and bureaucrats in Punjab. They feel their phones, especially mobile phones, are being tapped by the Punjab police in the run up to the Assembly elections. While itÔÇÖs well known that […]

2017 polls: The battle for heart and soul of Punjab

Manish Tiwari / Editor-in-chief “I feel some officers and associates working with Chief Minister Badal watch 80 per cent interest of the master, and maybe, 20 per cent of their own interests. The same could be reverse in the case of the heir-apparent” Elections in Punjab are just seven months away and at test would […]

Meet IndiaÔÇÖs New ÔÇÿSpace ShuttleÔÇÖ

DW Special / Chandigarh: ePaper Version: Kal K Korff While the idea of sending up a Space Shuttle is nothing new, ironically it is now the United States of America, who was the first nation to achieve this milestone objective when it famously launched the Enterprise, who finds itself once again being pushed aside in […]

We The People: How the USAÔÇÖs Political System Works

DW Special / Chandigarh: ePaper Version: Kal K Korff What makes this yearÔÇÖs election of special interest is that for the first time in AmericaÔÇÖs history, most voters are now tired of these two parties and record numbers of them are now open to supporting a viable third party alternative “We The People” are the […]