title=”Leaving nothing to chance, China increases security, social control before Congress” data-text=”Leaving nothing to chance, China increases security, social control before Congress” dir=”auto” class=”headline”>Leaving nothing to chance, China increases security, social control before Congress

By Christian Shepherd and Ben Blanchard BEIJING, Sept 28 : China is tightening security for next month’s twice-a-decade Communist Party Congress, cancelling police leave in Beijing, limiting tourism to Tibet, and clamping down on the spread of political rumours. High-level meetings in China are typically accompanied by a security crackdown – as well as uncharacteristically […]

US Congress revisits Obamacare, this time with a bipartisan twist

By Susan Cornwell WASHINGTON, Sept 13 : The US Congress was wrestling with healthcare again on Tuesday, as lawmakers from both parties considered some approaches beyond simply repealing and replacing Obamacare. The widened healthcare discussion appeared unlikely to yield dramatic changes soon, but marked a shift from the long-running, Republican effort to gut 2010’s Patient […]

Subdued by Harvey, U.S. Congress reconvenes facing fiscal tests

By Susan Cornwell WASHINGTON, Sept 4 : Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas, but could bring some fiscal order to Washington where Republicans and Democrats will need to put political differences aside in order to approve spending to repair the damage from flooding in and around Houston. Lawmakers returning to Washington after a month-long break are expected […]

Venezuela Socialists celebrate new Congress, pariah status looms

By Brian Ellsworth CARACAS, Jul 31 : Venezuela’s ruling Socialist Party has vowed that a newly elected legislative super-body will begin passing laws quickly after a vote that was boycotted by the opposition and slammed by foreign governments as an affront to democracy. At least 10 people were killed in protests yesterday by opponents of […]

US Senate tees up ‘accountability act’ as regulation fight intensifies

By Lisa Lambert WASHINGTON, May 17 : The US Senate could soon approve a major overhaul of the federal bureaucracy and make lasting changes to regulation of the environment, education, banks and other areas. On Wednesday a Senate committee sent a bill on to the full chamber that, supporters say, will make regulators more accountable […]