Download YouTube videos overnight on cheaper data rates

New Delhi, June 9 : Video streaming service YouTube on Thursday rolled out a new feature ‘Smart Offline’ that lets a user download a video at cheaper night data rates offered by mobile operators in India. “Today, we are beginning to roll out a feature called Smart Offline on YouTube that lets you take advantage […]

Toyota plans for 25,000 employees to work from home

Tokyo, June 9 : Japan’s Toyota Motor is planning to introduce a telecommute system, which will allow around 25,000 employees to do most of their work from home, to improve work-life balance, the company announced Thursday. The world’s leading automaker is at present negotiating the plan with trade unions and hopes to put it in […]

Google, Apple to increase app developers’ revenue share

New York, June 9 : In a major shake-up, technology giants Google and Apple have reportedly been testing a new revenue sharing model for developers that would give them more money when users subscribe to a service via their apps. “Instead of keeping 70 per cent of all revenue generated from subscriptions, publishers will be […]

Facebook testing new ‘Hide from your Timeline’ feature

New York, June 9 : Social media giant Facebook is testing a new post that allows a status update that’s only visible to the News Feed and will not show up in the user’s timeline, a media report said. The option appears as a ‘Hide from your Timeline’ checkbox beside the posting button, technology website […]