Prison day-release practice under scrutiny after killings in Belgian city

By Yves Herman and Alissa de Carbonnel LIEGE/BRUSSELS, May 30 : Belgian authorities faced questions on Wednesday over why a prison inmate, suspected of links to radical Islamists in jail, was let out for a day, enabling him to carry out what police called a “terrorist attack” in the city of Liege. The justice minister, […]

“Terrorist” attacker kills three in Liege, gunman dead

By Christopher Stern and Verity Crane LIEGE, Belgium, May 29 : A man killed two policewomen and a bystander in the Belgian city of Liege on Tuesday before being shot dead in a gunbattle at a school in what prosecutors are treating as a terrorist attack. The man was named by public broadcaster RTBF as […]

Brussels stadium dream killed off in border skirmish

By Robert-Jan Bartunek BRUSSELS, Jan 30 : Belgium’s high-flying soccer team’s hopes of a grand new stadium in Brussels were dashed on Tuesday when local officials just outside the capital’s boundary denied planning permission. Plans to build the 60,000-seat “Eurostade” close to the old Heysel ground on a car park serving what is now known […]

Last piece of missing Magritte painting found in Brussels

By Lily Cusack BRUSSELS, Nov 14 : The missing last piece of a painting by Belgian surrealist Rene Magritte was found underneath another of the artist’s works at a museum in Brussels using x-ray imaging. The fourth part of ‘The Enchanted Pose’ (1927) was painted over by Magritte to create his 1935 to 1936 work […]

Da Vinci contraptions brought to life in Bruges exhibition

By Jack Schofield BRUGES, Belgium, May 31 : Leonardo da Vinci’s bird-like flying machine and portable bridge have been brought to life in a new exhibition opening on Thursday in the Belgian city of Bruges. One hundred machines invented or enhanced by the Italian Renaissance mastermind have been realised, by using plans he drew himself. […]