Star Wars’ fans applaud movie release slowdown

By Jill Serjeant NEW YORK, Sept 21 : Plans by Disney to slow down the release of future “Star Wars” projects are getting a thumbs up from fans, who also hope that new movies in the multi-billion dollar sci-fi franchise will be more creative. In an unexpected admission that the slew of “Star Wars” films […]

Kenya lifts ban on lesbian film, making it eligible for Oscars

By John Ndiso NAIROBI, Sept 21 : A Kenyan judge temporarily lifted a ban on an acclaimed film portraying a lesbian relationship on Friday, making it eligible to be entered for a Foreign Language Oscar, delighting the filmmakers but angering the censor. “Rafiki” – “Friend” in Swahili – premiered at Cannes, the first Kenyan film […]

Australia paper defends Serena Williams cartoon despite outrage

By Gabriella Borter Undated, Sept 11 : An Australian newspaper defended its cartoonist on Tuesday after publishing a caricature of Serena Williams having a temper tantrum at the U.S. Open tennis tournament, which civil rights leaders, celebrities and fans condemned as racist. Cartoonist Mark Knight’s image, published in Melbourne’s Herald Sun, showed an angry Williams […]

Documentary explores Scottish workers’ boycott over Chile 1973 coup

By Marie-Louise Gumuchian LONDON, Sept 10 : When Chilean air force jet engines arrived for repair at a Rolls-Royce factory in Scotland in 1974, inspector Bob Fulton swiftly decided he would not touch them. The World War Two veteran had been shaken by images thousands of miles away in Santiago of Hawker Hunter jets bombing […]

‘Hotel Mumbai’ dubbed an ‘anthem of resistance”

By Gina Cherelus TORONTO, Sept 9 : “Hotel Mumbai,” about the 2008 attack on a hotel in the Indian city, received a standing ovation at its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, and the cast and filmmakers said they believe that’s because of the human portrayal not only of the victims but also the […]

Sex, politics, media converge in ‘The Front Runner’

By Nichola Saminather TORONTO, Sept 9 : “The Front Runner” tells the story of the fall 30 years ago of U.S. Senator Gary Hart over allegations of an affair, but the makers hope it also prompts an examination of what really matters in candidates running for high political office. The movie, starring Hugh Jackman as […]