Make-up artist pushes boundaries with prosthetics for Oscar-nominated “Wonder”

By Rollo Ross GLENDALE, Calif., Feb 22 : Adhering to child labour laws and building an authentic-looking facial structure were key concerns for make-up artist Arjen Tuiten in his work on the movie “Wonder”, which has been nominated for an Oscar. The film tells the story of Auggie Pullman, a boy with a rare genetic […]

Film at Berlin fest examines how Islamic State jihadists recruit European brides

By Michelle Martin BERLIN, Feb 18 : A movie at the Berlin film festival that looks at how Islamic State fighters recruit young European women online highlights the dangers of using the internet, the actress in the starring role told Reuters. In the film “Profile”, British journalist Amy Whittaker goes undercover to investigate the workings […]

Berlin festival movie tells true story of Cold War rebels with a cause

By Petra Wischgoll and Michelle Martin ESSEN, Germany/BERLIN, Feb 16 : As Soviet tanks crushed an uprising in Hungary in 1956, a group of children in East Germany began their own protest, taking on a communist regime that would keep their country divided for three more decades. The true story is told in “The Silent […]

U2 defeats lawsuit claiming it stole part of ‘Achtung Baby’ song

By Jonathan Stempel and Jan Wolfe NEW YORK, Jan 31 : A U.S. judge on Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit accusing U2 of lifting part of a British songwriter’s work for a song on the Irish rock band’s 1991 blockbuster album “Achtung Baby.” U.S. District Judge Denise Cote in Manhattan rejected Paul Rose’s claim that U2 […]

Singapore bans film focused on indicted Palestinian teen activist

By Fathin Ungku SINGAPORE, Jan 3 : Singapore has banned a film festival from screening a documentary later this week that features a teenage Palestinian female activist whose arrest last month has made her a symbol of resistance to Israeli military occupation in the West Bank. Justifying the ban, authorities in the Southeast Asian city […]

Adorable or deplorable? Porgs stir debate in ‘Star Wars’ galaxy

By Lisa Richwine LOS ANGELES, Dec 12 : Furry, wide-eyed and winged critters called Porgs are invading the “Star Wars” galaxy, and Walt Disney Co hopes they will soon be roosting under fans’ Christmas trees. Porgs make their debut in “The Last Jedi,” the new “Star Wars” movie that reaches theaters Thursday. Film trailers have […]