Syria’s Aleppo expects Iran power boost soon

By Laila Bassam and Firas Makdesi ALEPPO, Syria, March 4 : The power supply in Syria’s Aleppo will be boosted this year thanks to new capacity installed by its ally Iran, a step towards reviving the industrial hub whose electricity grid has been destroyed in seven years of war, a Syrian official said. The five […]

Aleppo’s Old City can be rebuilt, UNESCO official says

By Angus McDowall ALEPPO, Syria, Aug 3 : Aleppo’s Old City, shelled, burned and shot up during years of fighting in Syria’s civil war, can be rebuilt, the local representative of the United Nations cultural body UNESCO said. “Our vision is to rebuild the Old City exactly as it was before the war, with the […]

Aleppo Christians celebrate holiday in hope peace has returned

By Suleiman Al-Khalidi AMMAN, Dec 25 : Christians in Aleppo celebrated under a giant Christmas tree lit up for the first time in five years, hailing what many described as the return of peace to a city that came back under full government control last week. The fall of rebel-held east Aleppo was the biggest […]

Tense Aleppo evacuations resume before UN vote

By Angus McDowall BEIRUT, Dec 19 : Convoys of evacuees travelled from a rebel-held area of Aleppo and two Shi’ite villages besieged by insurgents on Monday, a war monitor and rebels said, as a deal enabling evacuations held after a tense, days-long stand-off and before a UN vote. About 10 buses left the Shi’ite Muslim […]

“Get us out of here”: desperate Aleppo residents fear arrest, death

By Laila Bassam and Lisa Barrington ALEPPO, Syria / BEIRUT, Dec 13 : As the four-month siege of eastern Aleppo neared its end, some survivors trudged in the rain past dead bodies to the government-held west or the few districts still in rebel hands. Others stayed in their homes and awaited the Syrian army’s arrival. […]