Mexico’s next gov’t postpones decision on airport, seeks public input

By Sharay Angulo MEXICO CITY, Aug 17 : – Mexico’s incoming government on Friday postponed a decision on whether to complete a new Mexico City airport, saying the public should have the final word on the fate of the $13 billion-dollar hub, which the next president had initially opposed. President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said […]

U.S. asks foreign airports to strengthen passenger electronics screening

By David Shepardson WASHINGTON, May 4 : The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) wants foreign airports to tighten screening of U.S.-bound passengers’ carry-on electronics and adopt U.S. domestic security procedures instituted last year, according to officials and a memo to foreign airports. Amid growing concerns about the possibility of hidden explosives, TSA began stricter scrutiny of […]

Mexico leftist softens stance on new $13 bln airport, calls for review

By Daina Beth Solomon GUADALAJARA, Mexico, Mar 24 : The leftist front-runner for the Mexican presidency softened his critical stance on Mexico City’s $13 billion new airport on Friday, saying he would carefully review the project instead of threatening to scrap it entirely. Speaking in the central city of Guadalajara, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who […]

Australia to tighten airport security further after foiled attack

By Benjamin Cooper SYDNEY, Oct 22 : Australia will introduce random searches of workers entering and inside its airports as it increases security after a recent foiled terrorism plot, officials said. “These measures strengthen existing controls to ensure airport workers are authorised, properly identified and appropriately trained before entering secure airside areas,” Minister for Infrastructure […]